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In The Houzz

I am such a HUGE fan of the design site HOUZZ! I could spend hours looking through gorgeous images and catching up on their informative articles.  I also have my own STUDIO TEN25 page on Houzz where you can see my latest projects and learn more about what I love.

I often get emails from readers asking “what is it really?” And “What should I look for on there? ”   I also refer many of my design clients to the site so that they can find the inspiration for their project, it gives us a great way to communicate visually!   So, today I am so excited to welcome Becky from Houzz on the blog! Becky is going to break it all down for you and give you the tips, tricks and scoop on how to use Houzz. BEWARE, you may become addicted!!   ENJOY!!!!




Hello everyone! My name is Becky and I’m a contributor at Houzz, a home design site focused on helping design professionals and homeowners manage the remodeling and decorating process. Thanks so much to Abbe
for having me!

Abbe asked me to talk about something I happen to know a lot about: how to use Houzz when you’re planning a renovation, looking for inspiration, trying to find an architect, designer or contractor, or simply have a design dilemma and want some community input. Here are three easy ways to search the hundreds of thousands of photos in our database to find new ideas, advice and the right professional for your job.

Willow Glen Residence modern powder room

Let’s start with a simple search. Let’s say you want to gut your old 1960s bathroom and replace it with a fresh and unique design. All you need to do is click on “Photos” at the top. Next, look to the left side and click on “Eclectic” under “Filter by Style” and “Bathrooms” under “Filter by Space.” Thousands of pictures of eclectic bathrooms will come up. If you’re looking for local design, you can filter even further by choosing your metro area under “Filter by Metro.” When you see work you like, you can click on the designer’s name to find their contact information.

As you’re browsing through the images yielded by your search, click on “Add to Ideabook” on any of the pictures you like, and create a “Bathroom Renovation Ideas” ideabook. You can create as many ideabooks as you like and share them with the professionals you hire or simply keep them for your own inspiration. Likewise, professionals can create Ideabooks to show clients their ideas. In addition, we have a products section full of hundreds of thousands of the best home products that you can peruse and add to your ideabooks the same way.

Chic Living eclectic living room

You can also filter your results by simply searching styles, furniture, colors, lighting and just about anything you can think of in the search box at the top. For example, a search for “zebra rug” brought up thousands of images for me to look through, including this beautiful living room that Abbe designed.

In addition to searching the photo database, you can also search for articles written by experts on thousands of topics, from D.I.Y. instructions on building a firepit to advice from an architect on how to keep your remodeling project on budget.

Kitchen traditional kitchen

Another way to find designers and other pros is to go to the top of the page and click on “Professionals.” Next, look to the left side of the page, choose your city and then choose the type of professional you are seeking. For example, a quick search for Kitchen and Bath Designers in Atlanta turned up 638 of them. You can browse through their portfolios, link to their websites and read recommendations that their clients have left.

Finally, if you have any remodeling questions of your own, post them on the Houzz Discussions Board and Houzz community members will chime in with opinions about how to solve your problem. Once you’re over on the boards, you’ll likely find yourself chiming in on others’ design questions as well.

Find more inspiration from interior designers and more design professionals at Houzz.




Don’t forget to stop by Joss & Main and take a look at my “Graphics & Glam” Curator’s Collection! If your not a member (it’s free to join)…use my personal invitation link HERE to get the hook up!



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Guest Blogging – Get The Look

I’m thrilled to be guest blogging for Tobi Fairley once again.  So today, I thought I would share two rooms from my portfolio that receive the most “where can I find that?” questions. A classic black & white design scheme with bold graphics, pops of color and glamorous accessories. Head over to Tobi’s blog to see how you can “get the look”!


mage Via: Studio Ten 25 / Melanie Johnson Photography

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29 Days of Love Guest Post

Today I’m excited to be guest blogging for Tobi Fairley! I love her idea of creating “29 days of love” featuring here favorite accessories, design must haves and people that inspire. I have gathered two fabulous Nantucket inspired looks that are sure to inspire you. Head over to Tobi’s Blog and take a look.

Here is a sneak peek…

Image Via: Studio Ten 25 Instagram

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An early Valentine’s Day….

I love a good gift guide!  I know it’s a bit early for Valentine’s Day but if your always looking for that perfect gift, you have to start early. Meg from Mimi + Meg started her Valentine’s Day gift guide today and I am happy to help her kick it off! Pop on over to her blog to see what  “give” and “get”  Valentine gifts I picked.  And keep an eye out for more gift guides on Mimi + Meg!


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My Gift Guide on Modern Eve

I love the holiday season. The pumpkin spice lattes, the smell of a wood burning fire and gifts too!  Every year I find it more and more challenging to find the perfect gift for my friends and family, do you have that problem? I try to listen and pick up on those little comments they make…only to find out a few weeks later they have picked up the item for themselves. I’m just as bad though, I  just go ahead and pick up that scarf I have had my eye on or a fabulous necklace that has been calling my name.


So when Katie from MODERN EVE asked me to participate in her Dallas bloggers gift guide, I had a hard time pulling my top 5.  I have a few more favorites up my sleeve beyond the 5 favorites on Katie;s blog so stay tuned for my “Dear Santa” letter next week!  Head over to MODERN EVE and take a look at all of the Dallas bloggers’ lists, there are 36 of us and 12 days of great gift guides to check out.  You can see my list HERE.


Coffee With Amanda Carol

A few weekends ago I finally met up with Houston designer Amanda Carol while she was attending the Dallas market.  .  We sat down for her “Coffee With” series and ended up staying for almost 2 hours! I love chatting with other designers about the business and seeing how we each run our business on a daily basis. Amanda’s work is beautiful and charming and I am flattered to be a part of this series on her blog.  Pop over to  her blog to see more on our chat.





My Dream Home

I have been a fan of La Dolce Vita’s Dream Home series for a long time and am excited to share mine today. I’m a southern girl born and raised in Arkansas and now live in Dallas, Texas with my husband and two bird dogs. I am a girly girl all the way when it comes to interiors, but after being married to Dru (golfer, hunter and fire pit junkie) for almost 4 years my idea of a “dream home” have changed a bit.

Head over to La Dolce Vita to see the full story on my dream home!

Image Via: Houzz


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Now & Then

Today I’m over at Emily Clark talking about my house, now and then. The transformation makes me much happier than the newlywed phase of the house did. Head over to Emily’s Blog to see the full story.




Meet Anah…

Anah (pronounced Anna) is the lastest addition to Studio Ten 25 for summer and I think it’s about time I introduce her.  I first met Anah while she was working at a local showroom in the Dallas Decorative Center and we became fast friends.   It all began with a  few lunches, happy hours and lots of conversations about what she should so with her future as a designer.  When she made the decision to head back to school to obtain her design degree, the wheels began to turn.

After a few more  long talks over happy hour and Anah was registered for classes and on board to work with me this summer.  It’s going great so far and I think I’m going to be lost when she heads off to school..but I’ll still have her part time (fingers crossed). Having a small business that is expierencing major growing pains has been tough for me. But, making the decision to bring Anah on has been just what the Studio needed.

It’s a perfect fit so far. She deals with the girls (our dogs) putting her through a major sniff test every morning,  my in-ability to focus on one thing for more than a few minutes, and my love of having lunch out of the office everyday.  I asked Anah a few questions so that you can get to know her a little better…
When did you realize that Interior Design was the career for you?

My mom has always had a knack for interior design. I grew up going to antique stores with her and would complain the whole time. However, one day it clicked, and I realized how much I loved interiors. So sure enough, my mom’s passion rubbed off on me and I feel like I’ve been made to do this my whole life. Ultimately, I owe my mom for all the creativity and drive I have. I am always in awe of her creative eye!


Who are a few of your favorite designers?

One of my favorite interior designers is Jay Jeffers who owns Jeffers Design Group in San Francisco. I randomly met him while wine tasting in Tuscany with my mother, and I have been a huge fan of his ever since. I greatly admire his ability to mix things up in innovative, funky ways. Jay’s office space is a perfect example of his fabulous style. I had the pleasure of seeing it in person, and it is absolutely stunning!




Images Via: Jeffers Design Group



What product, furniture or type of design makes your heart race?

I am all about the “wow” factor. Whether it be a contemporary piece placed in a traditional setting, or a show stopping light fixture that knocks your socks off! I am drawn to both the eclectic and glamorous. Put simply, I love drama and funk!

Image Via: Here


Image Via: Here


Image Via: House and Home


What are your pet peeves when it comes to design?

It’s always the little things! A crooked lamp shade, a cushion that isn’t just right, a rug that doesn’t fit the space, the list goes on and on! I always seem to get worked up over the small things that most people don’t notice.


What is your all time favorite design magazine?

I grew up loving Architectural Digest. My mom collected copies and I would always look at them and fantasize about my dream house. However, now my favorite magazine is Elle Decor. I love how it always includes the latest trends and provides exceptional, eye-catching designs. I am constantly ripping out pages to add to my dream house file!


What worries you most about being a designer?

Not being a good one! Interior design has always been my passion and my dream. I have recently taken a leap of faith to go back to school and get my design degree but, I keep asking myself: what if I’m not cut out for this? I want to believe that I have what it takes to be a great designer, however, I can’t help but doubt my abilities. I hope the future will prove me wrong!


What have you learned/picked up from being around Studio Ten 25 the past few weeks? Tips, tricks or what not to-dos.

First of all, I could not have picked a better person to learn from. Abbe is a phenomenal designer, but more importantly, she is a good person. She has shown me how much this industry thrives off of relationships. I’ve learned that good relationships with clients and vendors can help create a design process that is more enjoyable, rewarding, and even easier! It’s also become clear that staying involved with other designers helps so much in terms of keeping ideas fresh and staying inspired. Lastly, from my time at Studio Ten 25, I think patience and respect are just as important as creativity in the designing world.


Interiors that inspire me:

Image Via: Jeffers Design Group


Image Via: Here


Image Via: Jeffers Design Group


Jay Jeffers designed this fabulous suite for the Elle Décor San Francisco Showhouse in 2010. It is absolutely gorgeous!  I love the soothing, neutral color palette with pops of teal.  Also, the way that the bathroom mosaic echoes the ottoman in the bedroom is genius! Everything about this suite is stunning!


Image Via: The Lennoxx


Image Via: The Lennoxx


Image Via: The Lennoxx

I have been lusting over this bedroom for a while. So dramatic and chic! I love the graphic floor and navy throughout with fun pops of pink. Notice how the ceiling of the bed was painted pink? Love it!


Image Via: Casa Sugar

I am obsessed with the geometric painted floors. They are so bold and bring a touch of modernity to this classical room.


Image Via:Here

This space is the ultimate show stopper! Not sure if I could live with it, but it is spectacular nonetheless! The space is very masculine, yet sexy and playful at the same time. I love how the bright pillows contrast with the dark gray walls.


Image Via:Here

I am especially drawn to the artwork and mirrored piece over the mantle. Overall, everything in this living room seems to mix well together. The candlesticks in the fireplace are fun!

Speaking Out

I wanted to share a great post from one of my favorite Dallas bloggers and freelance writers, Rebecca Sherman. Her blog Houses Gardens People has been on my favorites list for quite some time right now.  Her blog profiles the latest trends, places to shop and great insight to the design world. Rebecca’s latest post, Dallas Designers Speaking Out features a handful of Big D’s interior designers…including me…and what they are loving right now.  Thank you Rebecca for adding me to the list!

Check out the post to see all of the great picks, and yes I picked something with mirrors…big shocker, I know!


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