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Weekend Window {Megan Adams}

Introducing new artists and designers is one of my great delights in owning an online shop. There really is so much talent out there! Today’s featured artist crosses both platforms. Megan Adams not only creates beautiful, ethereal abstract paintings, but she also has a line of pillows inspired by those paintings. For my purposes, I’m thrilled!! This just means more ways to incorporate her stunning work into my client’s homes!
Megan’s designs pair wonderfully with the whimsy of the Lola table and bright color of the Orange Pagoda lamp. How would YOU incorporate her pieces into your home?



1. Megan Adams Pillows 2.Orange Pagoda Lamp 3. White Lola Accent Table 4.Wavy Ikat Pear Pillow 5.Baubles Green Pillow 6. Lobsters Giclee Art Print

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Changing Art

Have I mentioned how much I love my job?  There is nothing better than seeing that big smile on a client’s face as things begin to come together in their home.  But, my own home is really becoming a drain. I am fortunate to have a husband that doesn’t mind me making changes every now and then…but it’s about to get crazy around here in 2013. I have plans…big plans for this place.

Things are being ordered, custom designed and the waiting game begins. So, while I patiently wait for a few things to show up I have pulled the trigger on a few instant change.  Just last weekend I added a new piece of art over our sitting room sofa.  I have been working with Dallas artist Megan Adams to create a pillow offering and collection of art prints for Shop Ten 25…so stay tuned for that soon!  While we were selecting pieces, I spotted this gorgeous teal and fuchsia piece and loaded it up to see how it looked over the sofa.


BEFORE:  Warmer tones and a soft texture graced the top of our sofa.

Image Via: Melanie Johnson Photography for Studio Ten 25



NOW: A lighter color palette with tons of texture. And Miss Ivy approves, I think that seals the deal. I love the change and how bright and cheery the room feels. I think it will be a great addition to the room and will look fabulous with all of the changes that will begin in a few months!