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Get The Look {Farmhouse Chic}

I’m not exactly sure what it is, but there’s something about this room that I absolutely adore!! I can easily see myself waking up to hot brewing coffee and enjoying a yummy plate of scrambled eggs in this cool, cozy nook. Maybe it’s the acrylic ghost chairs paired with the farm-house style table, or the playful spin on a traditional mounted moose head. Of course, you know I love a good pop of color through pillows! Classic lighting doesn’t hurt either. Ok, it’s all of it… I love all of it!!




1.Moose Paper Mache Sculpture 2. Vintage Silver Wall Lamp 3. Casper Arm Chair 4. Labyrinth Pillow 5. Abner Dining Table

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Seeing Ghosts in our Shop!

Halloween is this weekend and to celebrate, we have added a few spooky pieces to the Shop! Well, there not really spooky…that just sounds fun!   I love that the names of these new additions fit right in with Halloween!

So stop by Shop Ten 25 for chairs that  rock, slither and make you see ghosts!

First up, this mid-century rocking chair. Perfect for that empty corner in your bedroom or as an accent chair in your living room. This retro modern rocker is a classic!

Image Via: Decor Pad

The Slither Chairs sounds extra creepy but this sleek chair is a striking as a modern sculpture! Available in orange, green and white this single piece of strong polypropylene won’t fade over time! Priced at $149, you can finally afford to buy a few!


And last but not least, our version of the Ghost Chair is well priced and super cute! With a name like Casper, how can you be afraid of this little boo?

Image Via: Studio Ten 25

Image Via: Decor Pad

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