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Vegas Baby

Making time to get away and enjoy a short vacation with my family has been on my “to-do” list for a while.  Since my Dad passed away, we haven’t taken the time to get away and really enjoy having fun with each other again. My Step-Mother decided that we needed a girl’s weekend in Las Vegas, so we packed our bags and took off for a long weekend to reconnect and relax. Shopping, spa days and taking in a few shows took up most of our time during the long weekend. We laughed, cried and spent a bit too much money!!!

Of course I love popping into all of the casinos to see the interiors, so I wanted to show off a few of my favorite pictures from the trip. You know I had to get a few glitzy glam chandeliers too! Vegas does it big and I love nothing more than a room filled with shimmery chandeliers!!!


Photo Jun 12, 8 00 24 PM



Photo Jun 12, 6 21 51 PM



Photo Jun 13, 4 22 55 PM



Photo Jun 13, 3 36 39 PM



Photo Jun 13, 3 33 34 PM



Photo Jun 14, 9 40 24 PM



Photo Jun 14, 8 25 23 PM



Photo Jun 14, 10 48 06 PM



Photo Jun 14, 5 48 46 PM



Photo Jun 14, 6 34 52 PM



Photo Jun 12, 8 02 08 PM



Photo Jun 12, 6 01 01 PM



Photo Jun 13, 3 35 32 AM




Memorial Day


A little Vacay

The past few years have been a little rough and my personal life has been full of challenges. The Studio has been a saving grace through of the hard times, but burn out sets in quickly when you just don’t stop. So, I decided that a  quick little vacay was in order! A little get away is great way to shake off stress and relax, especially when there is a Spa involved.  We found The Sanctuary Spa in Scottsdale, AZ and it was pure Heaven!!! Amazing food, a gorgeous pool and multiple spa treatments were just what I needed to relax for a few days.

The grounds were absolutely gorgeous, the food was spectacular and the spa…well…I can’t say enough about that!!! Here are a few shots from our stay at The Sanctuary Resort. If your looking for a luxury get away to shake it all off, this is your place !!

thumb_IMG_5296_1024 thumb_IMG_5309_1024
























We host Thanksgiving every year here in Dallas, and I love pulling the dining room together for the occasion! This year was our first Thanksgiving without Dad, so I wanted to make sure that there were extra special touches to honor him.

My Grandmother moved from her home of over 40 years into an assisted living community last Spring, so she wasn’t able to take everything with her. Thanksgiving and Christmas at her home was always a big deal, and she loved to have us all together laughing and telling stories. So when I had the opportunity to take her dishes, I jumped at the chance.

These turquoise fern pieces were given to her in the 40s and I have loved them ever since I can remember. Being able to use them on my table this year was a bit emotional, but special. They really did brighten up the table and I wanted to keep the overall feel bright and light. Antlers & agates was the them and I threw in a few succulents too!

Our new Agate Chandelier is by far my favorite piece in the dining room now! I selected all natural agates to keep the space neutral, I still have big plans for the rug and seats on the chairs so I want it to all work together.  The agate napkin rings helped to tie in the theme and I loved mixing in the gold antlers!















Style Bistro {Tastemaker}

So excited to be featured as a tastemaker on Style Bistro this week!!! I was able to share a few little things about me and a little something from Dallas Esthetician Renee Rouleau that I can’t live without!!  Renee’s product line is beyond amazing and keeps my skin in check while working long hours!


Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 3.44.12 PM




I’m not big on sharing tons of personal details about my life.  Of course pictures of my puppy dogs & family trips are fun to include, but I have always wanted to keep my business…well…business. The past 10 months or so have been completely surreal for me, my Dad was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer and he passed away last week.  It pretty much sucks and there is really no other way to describe the experience of being with your parent as they pass away. My Dad was the best Dad ever, isn’t that what all little girls think of their Dad? Well I do and I will miss him so very much. He was my spell checker on the blog, voice of reason when I flew off the handle and of course my biggest fan. I look like him but am a complete 180 in personality from him. I guess that is why we just got each others bad moments and laughed them off.


Photo Jul 05, 10 48 38 AM



Before he was sick, he read my blog and literally kept EVERYTHING I sent to him. I am not kidding, we found EVERY Father’s Day, Birthday and other card or post card that I ever sent to him this week.  So today as I am so fortunate and thankful for the wonderful moments that are happening in my life and my business, I am really bummed out that I can’t talk to him about it. Sure, I have tons of friends and family that I share great news with, but its your parents that always let you get by with being over the top excited about all of it.  Of course I will share my great news with the world later, but I just want to figure out how to get back to reality for a bit.  Although I have an amazing family and circle of friends, I feel a huge absence in my life.  And since its not just me missing him, we can all remember my Dad together as family.





He loved this country and was proud to serve. It has been so comforting to hear stories from those he served with. He did so many wonderful things for others and had so much passion for what he did.  I too love this country and am fortunate to have had a father that taught me what being an American should be. Love of God, country, freedom, passion and dedication will always prevail.  I’m sure God has given him a wonderful place in Heaven to continue his great work!

Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 10.43.35 PM



Wishing you all a wonderful Thanksgiving Day.  I hope you are sharing the day with your family and friends and counting your blessing! I love this table styled by Mandy from Waiting on Martha, makes me want to dig into the pumpkin pie!!













Images Via: Waiting On Martha

World’s Away {Lifestyle Photo Contest}

I am back from High Point Market and can not wait to share all of the latest trends that were spotted! While I was attending market, I was so excited to be awarded the winner of World’s Away 2nd Lifestyle Photography Contest!!! I have been a HUGE fan of World’s Away from the moment I discovered their Hollywood Glam pieces that include antique mirrors, gold & silver leafing and tons of lacquered pieces!

I entered a few of my latest projects that showcased pieces from World’s Away, but the Conrad Coffee Table in white lacquer from our Bella Lash Studio project caught the judges eye!!!  Here are a few pictures from the awards, and if you wanted to take a look at my favorite pieces…you can find them HERE.





The formal announcement!!



With the dapper Neal Edwards from World’s Away




Sharing my big win with one of my best girlfriends and Shop Ten 25 vendor, Paula Queen with Pyar & Co!

And of course the star of the show, the gorgeous Conrad Coffee Table!!!! A BIG thank you to Melanie Johnson for always capturing my projects with her talented eye and artistic approach!!!

Screen Shot 2013-10-23 at 8.58.31 AM

Screen Shot 2013-10-23 at 8.57.47 AM

Screen Shot 2013-10-23 at 8.57.59 AM


Happy Labor Day

“Labor Day, an annual celebration of workers and their achievements, originated during one of American labor history’s most dismal chapters. In the late 1800s, at the height of the Industrial Revolution in the United States, the average American worked 12-hour days and seven-day weeks in order to eke out a basic living.”

-The History Chanel


I love this image, it represents the end of summer and hopefully the arrival of cooler temperatures! Wishing you all a safe and relaxing Labor Day! See you back on The Blog tomorrow!



Puppy Paintings

I recently had the opportunity to work with Dallas pet portrait artist Melissa Smith for a custom portrait of Caddo & Ivy. When we began to work together on a portrait of Caddo & Ivy I knew that I wanted them sitting pretty on my favorite piece in our home. Our ivory croc velvet sofa is one of the first things you see when you walk into our home and the girls are not allows on it. I had a hard time getting them to pose but once we finally got the shot, Melissa began to do her thing! She perfectly captured the quirky little head tilt and funny facial expression of my puppy dogs.




My favorite part of the process was when she would send update images! It’s fun to see how the piece transforms and how she creates the details that make each puppy dog look like themselves.  Her BLOG is a must, I love seeing each piece transform. She captured every detail and a few of my favorite details are the feathering on Caddo and of course Ivy’s “what” face.  My FAVORITE part…knowing that 10% of the cost of this piece goes to support the non-proffit pet rescue of my choice, what a wonderful thing!  Having a custom piece of the girls in our home is something I will always cherish. Even when we our lives take us to new homes and when things began to change, I will always have this fabulous piece! There will be nothing better than my fur babies sitting on my favorite sofa!