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    Spotted On My Soap Opera

    Yes, I watch a Soap Opera….and Yes…I really am posting about it today.   The Young & The Restless has been part of my dvr scheduled recordings since that was available and before that, I used my my VCR to record the show everyday. I would like to blame my mother for getting me hooked on this show. Back in the 80′s I would come home from school and sit down to do my homework at our kitchen table. My mother would turn on the Young & The Restless and it became part of my afternoon each day from that point on.

    As an interior designer, I am always noticing details on my favorite T.V. shows, but my soap has always been pretty bad. I mean seriously, these people are supposto be wealthy and sophisticated but their homes have always been awful! I will spare you the icky images!

    But, this year The Young and The Restless has kicked it up a bit, probably because they are celebrating 40 years on the air. The dapper Martyn Lawrence Bullard stopped by to help Sharon  update The Ranch Mansion…too bad she was divorced soon after and kicked out before he was able to work his magic…UGH!!! I was really hoping to see him “million dollar decorator” up that house!! This was the second time that MLB came in to help Sharon, he was also asked to update another mansion…from another marriage that she had…shocker!


    Screen Shot 2013-03-28 at 8.27.55 AM


    And if that wasn’t exciting enough….Billy & Victoria recently painted their living room and updated their furniture. I was excited when I noticed Duralee’s Aqua print from their Westbury Collection! I have been working on a Lake House project and we are using this fabric on a few accent pillows too!  So, I had to snap a pic and share it with you guys!








    Here is a peek of the fabric from our Lake House project! Soothing colors and modern graphics, looks like Y&R is stepping it up and I can’t wait to see what else they decide to update on the set!




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    Styling The Entry {Welcome}

    You know that saying about first impressions? Well the same is true for your home. I’m a huge fan of fabulous entryways because they set the stage for the rest of your abode. And they’re the perfect place to show off those little details that make your home uniquely yours. Here are some of my favorite entryways along with some helpful tips for creating a grand entrance in your own home.


    This entry is simplistic in style but dynamic in details. We wanted the console table to be the star in the entry so we selected a dark starburst mirror to tie in with the handrail on the stairs as well as the warm espresso hardwood floors.  My client loved turquoise so instead of going bold, we used subtle variations of the color with the storage box accessories and graphic lampshades.



     Image Via: Melanie Johnson Photography for Studio Ten 25



    Image Via: Melanie Johnson Photography for Studio Ten 25



    Image Via: Melanie Johnson Photography for Studio Ten 25



    Image Via: Melanie Johnson Photography for Studio Ten 25




    Image Via: Melanie Johnson Photography for Studio Ten 25




    On the other end of the spectrum is this beauty. I love all of the over the top details, sparkle and drama of this entry.  We began layering the space with this gorgeous Radnor wallpaper from Osborne & Little . The subtle yet traditional pattern became instantly chic because we selected the metallic finish.  A black lacquered console helped to ground the space and also worked perfectly with the dark hardwood floors.


     Image Via: Melanie Johnson Photography for Studio Ten 25



     Image Via: Melanie Johnson Photography for Studio Ten 25


    The details came together beautifully and the overall look is a perfect blend of modern glam that we were after.  Sometimes you just have to roll with pieces you love and as you begin to layer the space, you edit…edit…edit until it feels right visually.  If you really take a good look at this console, you will see how simplistic the overall design really is.

    The Elexis lamps help to brighten up the dark console table and tie in with the wall color used throughout the rest of the home. We grounded the space with another neutral element…the rug! I love the contrast of the graphic pattern and how it really does tie in with the overall feel.


      Image Via: Melanie Johnson Photography for Studio Ten 25



     Image Via: Melanie Johnson Photography for Studio Ten 25


    The starburst mirror is bold and doesn’t take away from the wallpaper, but helps to bounce a bit of light around in the dark entry. The x benches have to be one of my favorite elements. We had the made with a custom silver leafed finish from JC’s Upholstery and the tops are upholstered in Schumacher’s Glimmer in Mineral fabric to keep the glitz going! But you can find a few options HERE and HERE.


     Image Via: Melanie Johnson Photography for Studio Ten 25



    Image Via: Melanie Johnson Photography for Studio Ten 25

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    Get The Look {Cool Living Room}

    Sleek, simple, and yet still inviting… that’s what I love about this space! The clean-lined silhouettes draw on the classics and the muted blue tones feel fresh and modern. I boiled down the basics of what you need to achieve a similar look for yourself and you can find my suggestions in the links below.
    So, what do you think of this look? Would you GET IT?







    1. Round Driftwood Mirror 2. Knox Table Lamp 3. Platner Coffee Table 4. Carrie Sofa

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    For For My Furry Friends

    I love the dog beds that we have sitting around our living room. But, I notice that my girls would rather be up…like on the sofa or the bench at the end of our bed. I spotted these totally cool dog beds while looking for fun options and LOVE them.  Not sure the girls would even use them, but they look so swanky!


    Image Via: Vuru Design Studio



    Image Via: Vuru Design Studio


    Image Via: Olive

    Image Via: ThisIsNext

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    What to do with the sitting room

    Today I wanted to share a client’s sitting room and how we made the best of the space. It’s not like they actually entertained in the small room, but since it was the first room off the main entry it needed to be spruced up.  My clients have three little boys so you can imagine the amount of toys that need a place to call home.  We decided to keep the fun lime green sofa and use the train table along with new custom storage ottomans to for a place to keep the kids toys.  I love that we were able to make big changes without spending big bucks. Because of that, we were able to rock out the main family room and master bedroom (more on those rooms another day).

    Here was the inspiration for the room.  I wanted to make the green sofa feel more modern and brighten up the room with a new color palette. Turquoise and Lime Green…





    The arrangement didn’t allow for much extra seating and the bold red drapes and dark Khaki/Green walls kept the room from feeling bright, open or a fun place for everyone to hang out together.  The location of the sofa didn’t really work in the space either, but that was going to be an easy fix. My client wanted the room to be a place where her young boys could play with toys, but easily clean up and  covert to a space where they could spend time with friends too.





    As planned, we updated the drapes with a simple yet fabulous turquoise fabric from Duralee.  A few fun throw pillows brought in some much needed pattern and bold graphics. A simple fix and they easily updated the feel of the sofa.  I love the pillows in the Nissa leaf pattern from Clarke & Clarke paired with the Katana Jade Pillows too.  But my favorite additions to the room were the custom storage ottomans that housed all of the well loved toys!












    So what do you think? I love the way this sitting room came together. Paint, new drapes and a few fun and creative ways to make this space work for everyone is exactly what it needed.  Now play dates will be fun and my clients have a space they can share with their boys and their friends.



    All Images Via: Studio Ten 25 & Melanie Johnson Photography

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    She Knows

    I was asked to share my opinion on the latest in countertop material.  Before starting Studio Ten 25, I worked as an architectural products rep.  I have worked with countertop laminate, luxury vinyl tile, vinyl wallcovering and solid surface countertops.  Most of the products that I carried were not the best fit for residential projects but often crossed over.  When Laura Carson Miller asked me what I thought about wood countertops for an upcoming piece on She Knows, I was all about it!

    Take a look at the post HERE and see what the latest trends in countertop are and what I had to say about using wood in the kitchen and on countertops in general.  I love that the look of wood can still be modern while bringing in a warm homey feel to a room!

    Here are a few of my favorite wood countertop looks!


    Image Via: Interior Styles



    Image Via: Home Designs



    Image Via: Miauu Interior Design




    Arabesque-The Shape

    I know I can’t be the only one obsessed with the shape of Arabesque.  These days it is pretty easy to find.  From fabrics and wall paper to rugs and even tile.  I didn’t realize how deep my obsession was until I started to look through a few of my project images…I may need an intervention or maybe I should keep on using it! The soft shape is very soothing, yet modern without being too trendy. Here are a few of my favorite Arabesque pieces, I still have the Kyle Bunting rug on my “to-do” list! Enjoy!



    Image Via: Kyle Bunting


    Image Via: California Home Design



    Image Via: Clarke & Clarke


    Image Via:  Studio Ten 25


    Image Via: Studio Ten 25


    Image Via: Shop


    Image Via: Studio Ten 25


    Image Via: Windsor Smith for Kravet


    Image Via: Studio Ten 25



    Image Via: Shop


    Image Via: Studio Ten 25



    My latest adventure with Arabesque is with Ann Sacks Nottingham Ceramic Art Tile. We are using it in the ivory color way for a kitchen backsplash. It’s on the truck and on the way, can’t way to share pictures!


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    Adding Orange

    Thank you all so much for your emails and comments about the tangerine article from The Dallas Morning News. I loved seeing how one bright and graphic piece inspired so many of you to consider adding a bold color to your home.  I thought it would be fun to share a few simple ways to add bold and even graphic pieces to your home without going overboard.  Since tangerine and orange were the topic of the day, I though I would show you a few of my favorite pieces.

    There are two ways really that you can bring in a bold color like orange to your room. Let’s start with BOLD shall we. If you are starting out with good basics in your room and are willing to make the investment to change a few pieces out, here are a few ideas.  Accent chairs, light fixtures, rugs and paint and wallpaper will be the key elements to going bold in your room.


    Chandelier | Orange Wallcovering | Udaipur Orange Rug | Orange Wingback Chair



    If that is a bit much for you but you still want the pop of color, you may want to KEEP IT SIMPLE. By changing pillows, adding throw blankets and a few accessories you can bring in the bold look of orange with out going overboard.  Here are a few simple looks and accessories to inspire you. I love finding unique and graphic pieces that can keep your room interesting and add just the right amount of orange.


    Sitting room |  Bedroom |  Warm Art PrintAthens Stripe PillowZig Zag Pillow | WastebasketLamp Orange throw

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    Today I thought I would share a few of my favorite book images from my project  files. I love the way a stack of books can bring in color, texture and is a reflection of their owner.  Shopping for books has also become one of my favorite things to shop for when finalizing a client’s room. The simplicity of a stack of books is classic and has become one of my accessory staples.

    Here are my top Ten. All images via Studio Ten 25 and Melanie Johnson Photography.











    The Flame Stitch

    I have had a love for flame stitch fabrics since I was a little girl. I always loved walking through our sitting room and running my hands along the back of my mother’s beloved pink, ivory and lavender flame stitch upholstered settee.  My mother would always tell me that the fabric was an Italian silk blend and that I should stop running my dirty hands across the back of it.  Only now do I look back and understand why she would yell my first, middle and last name across the room with a panicked look on her face as I walked by with my hand out.

    A few weeks ago my mother and I were shopping for an eye catching fabric to use on the desk chair for Dwell With Dignity’s Thrift Studio project.  As soon as we spotted the yellow, grey and black flame stitch fabric we took one look at each other and said “that’s it!”.  Of course my mother had to bring up the “pink flame stitch settee” story to everyone in the fabric shop.  I can’t wait to share pictures from the event, but here are a few that I snagged of the flame stitch chair.  A big THANK YOU to Again & Again for donating the upholstery for the chair!





    Here is what we dug up on the history of the flame stitch…

    “Bargello is a type of needlepoint embroidery consisting of upright flat stitches laid in a mathematical pattern to create motifs. The name originates from a series of chairs found in the Bargello palace in Florence, which have a “flame stitch” pattern.

    Traditionally, Bargello was stitched in wool on canvas. Embroidery done this way is remarkably durable. It is well suited for use on pillows, upholstery and even carpets, but not for clothing. In most traditional pieces, all stitches are vertical with stitches going over two or more threads.”