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Since I’m married to a true outdoorsman, weekends spent outdoors is a given.  We even spent out honeymoon at an outdoor hotel in Mexico called Verana.  It was “glamping” at it’s best and once you get past the threat of scorpions and getting into your net covered bed quickly so that critters don’t jump in with you…it was a great experience.  I LOVED  our outdoor room and after a day or two, I started to enjoy the simplicity of being outdoors with the modern amenities!

Here are a few pics from our room at the resort.  I loved the wooden plank that spun around the metal beam that was our door. The shower and sink area were fully exposed too! The bed was actually covered and at night they would turn down the bed (I’m sure they were also making sure there were no critters in there), and then completely wrap the bed in a net.



How does it work? Think of a  4, or 5 star hotel, then take away all of the walls, major roads, and plop it down the middle of a of a forest…or jungle.  In very simple terms, that is Glamping.  It was a  wonderful escape from everyday life and yet the amenities were top notch. A spa, gourmet meals and  more time to kick back and relax on your terms.  We had such a great time that we are thinking of going back for an anniversary trip!


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  1. Listen to this. I have very vivid dreams and he other night, I had a dream that I was staying at an outdoor hotel. I didn’t even know there was such a thing. I think I’m psychic. It looks like absolute heaven, but I am terrified of bugs. Did the net help?

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