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Anyone who knows me even just the smallest bit can testify to how much I adore my dogs!! Cado and Ivy are my puppy girls and I love them with all my heart! The dog park is our hang and we all look forward to it at the end of a long day. Over the past several weeks, I’ve added several new pieces to the shop that feature our furry friends and today seemed like as good a day as any to share! I mean, who couldn’t resist one more pair of adorable puppy eyes staring back at you?





1. Bulldog Art Print 2. Turquoise Foo Dogs 3. Set of Foo Dog Lamps

4. Dancing Dog 5. Small Black Dog Art Print 6. Grey Hound Dog Figurine

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  1. The “Grey Hound Dog Figurine” immediately made me think of the one Chandler and Joey had on Friends, but clearly, this one is waaaaaay better! Love them all!

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