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Carpet running up the stairs in not what it used to be, growing up in the 80’s proves that!  We had a brown mini-shag with a funky “stone” pattern in the house I grew up in…wowza.  But now here we are in the 2000’s and having a fabulous carpet running up the stairs is way more cool. I have always felt limited to hanging a chandelier, a grouping of frames or maybe paint/wallcovering on the walls to dress them up.  Depending on your budget, running a graphic and colorful piece of carpet up the stairs can add a much needed “pop” to the area too.  A durable runner can be quite forgiving in a high-traffic area…and not to mention cut down on the noise. I wish we had a staircase in our current home, I would love to dress it up with a bold graphic pattern.



Image Via: Pinterest



Image Via: House Beautiful



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  1. Great post!! I haven’t seen any of these images before and now I want a fun carpet running up my stairs 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

    Claire Jordan

    I’m in the UK and firstly have to say I have only just discovered your blog and love your style Abbe. The geometric stair runners are sooooo cool. I have always steered clear from doing this to my stairs as my good old mum says the bare wood/painted edges are a nightmare to keep clean!! However to carpet all the way across each stair is a fabulous idea and loving the lime green! Keep up your fab blog – I’m loving it!

  3. Hi Claire,
    Thank you so much for the awesome comment, you made my day! So happy that you love the blog too. I will keep dreaming of a home with stairs, I will have a fabulous carpet on stairs someday!

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