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Today Typhanie from Shoebox Decor is guest blogging and I am so excited to have her. Typhanie’s blog is full of stunning images, impeccable style and great ideas for bring chic to any space.   Looking for easy ways to bring timeless chic to your space?  Your in luck…


There are certain elements in interior design that will never go out of style. The Houndstooth pattern, which has evolved with time but has remained as chic as a pink Chanel suit. The classic wingback chair, which was born in an era of simple elegance and charm. And finally we have the Parsons Desk, which I consider the little black dress of design. With these three elements anyone can create an interior that is timeless and chic. Here are some examples of my favorite applications of these three elements.



Scottish design has never looked more chic than it does within the classic checks of the Houndstooth pattern. I first fell in love with this print when I discovered Chanel at the tender age of seven while window shopping with my family. My love for the designer and the pattern has never wavered since that time. Whether it is printed on cotton or woven in wool, this design will forever enthrall not only interior designers, but those in the fashion world as well. I have never seen a pattern transition so effortlessly across both planes. Because of this it comes as no surprise that my favorite application of this print can be found in an etsy store created by Avril Loreti. Her colorfully chic adaptation of this classic pattern shows the evolution of Black and White into color.


Image from Decor Pad


2. The Wingback Chair

Created in the Queen Ann era of design, the wingback chair (then called the easie chair) will forever remain a staple in interior design. I consider this chair the friend you can always count on; whose scrolled winged arms provides cover from the elements and padded cushion seat make it the best place for hours of reading. Over the decades we have seen the wingback chair evolve in many different ways. From curved legs to straight legs, from tufted to non-tufted, and from winged to canopied (thank you Kelly Wearstler).  With all these different options to pick from I must say that the classic design with cabriole front legs will always be my favorite. When it comes to wingback chairs no one does it better than The New Traditionalist. Their Chair no. Twenty Nineis to die for.



Image from Casanova Darling


3. The Parsons Desk

The simple design of the Parsons table has been around since the early 1900’s but it is the adaptation of the Parsons Desk that really makes this modern design chic. Its rectangular top with four flush square legs is minimalist in design but big on style. There are many different designs of the Parsons Desk out there but I must say, West Elm has out done them all. Their array of choices fit any design scheme you are trying to create. There is a metal desk for the modern interior. A mirrored desk for all who love glam and sparkle. A mini desk for the small space fans like myself. Then last but not least, the classic Parsons Desk for the traditionalist at heart. Now do you see why I call it the little black dress of interior design?



And there you have it, my favorite incarnations of three timelessly chic elements of interior design…Happy Decorating Everyone!

All the best,
Typhanie Peterson


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  1. Houndstooth, the wingback chair and the parsons desk are certainly classics….great post! Also, those ghost chairs are pretty remarkable…love them! I agree, West Elm is a great source for the parsons desk.

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