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She has a Funny Face, and sometimes she enjoys a Roman Holiday or Breakfast at Tiffany’s.  She is Audrey Hepburn and, believe it or not, her films have inspired interior designers and decorators for decades. Take a look at these Audrey inspired interior design ideas.

Breakfast At Tiffany’s

In Breakfast At Tiffany’s, her character, Holly Golightly, has an eclectic and playful sense of style- both in how she dresses and how she decorates her home. A good word to describe her style would be, ëmÈlange,í as itís a mixture of things DIYíed into furniture or things sheís collected.

Motion Picture Love (via)


Clawfoot Bathtub Sofa

Hollyís clawfoot bathtub sofa is, perhaps, one of the most inspirational pieces from the movie. Here, as in the movie, the sofa is artfully decorated with casually thrown-about pillows and blankets.

Love the 214 (via)


Holly’s apartment is filled with the ephemera of someone who just won’t settle down. She keeps a pile of vintage trunks in the hallway and uses a separate trunk as an accent

LA Times Blog (via)


This look is easily duplicable and would look sophisticated anywhere you need an accent table. Here a couple of larger steam trunks are used as a nightstand.

Apartment Therapy (via)


Paris Apartment

In Charade, Hepburn’s character, Regina Lampert, spends most of the time running around the streets of Paris. Her apartment there is chic and understated with and beautifully decorated in soft shades of brown, blue and beige. On that note, floral, chintzy printed wallpaper, a mix of pattern, an understated color palette and an upholstered accent chair will help you get this look.

The Paris Apartment (via)

Here she as Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady. A white dress accented with black and white is the peak of chic.Pixdaus (via)

Ruby PR (via)

The black and white stripes of this hallway are reminiscent of her dress. Here, stripes are chic and unexpectedly modern. You can get the look with striped wallpaper or by painting black stripes on a white wall.




My Little Jedi (via)

This room was was tailored to shine with its yellow, black and white furniture and wall covering. The black and white framed picture of her on the side table adds a classic vintage touch to this chic retro design.

When asked what about how she felt about herself as an icon, she said, ìI never think of myself as an iconÖI just do my thing.î Consider that your motto when looking at Audrey-inspired interiors. Her looks are casual and effortless, but they always manage to be chic.

Lindsey is a writer for Design Shuffle, which is a social media site for interior designers with tons of excellent interior design ideasÖcheck out the latest at Design Shuffle!



  1. absolutely love this comparison!! Great post!! This totally made me smile.

  2. I love this post! I have always been a huge fan of Audrey Hepburn’s and even have a quote of hers on my blog. She was and still is, a true iconic figure for interior and fashion design!!

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    Alstarina Sharindrawati

    Thanks a lot for giving some inspiration ideas and most of the time I’m big a fan of Hepburn

  5. Where can I find the wall paper in the grey and yellow room? I have been looking for it everywhere!

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