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Last week I received quite a few emails about our main living room and sitting room (shown on the cover below). You wanted to see more images and know where most of the pieces came from after seeing pictures from other blogs . I started to look back in my past blog posts and realized that I never published the images from the shoot.  We were excited when Jamie from The Dallas Morning News wanted to feature our home, they covered quite a bit but only published one image from our living room and sitting room.  So, I will do my best to answer all of the questions you sent in. Stay tuned, Friday I will breakdown the sitting room details.

If you have time for a little home tour…here are more details on our house. I have before and after pics on most of the posts, and if your looking for more details from the room on the front cover?  Take a look at the sneak peek HERE.  You can also see our dining room, kitchen, master bedroom, master bath and my office.  You can also see a great before & after post on the raenovate blog.

Rustic Glam, I do think that hits the nail on the head when describing the Fenimore Home.  My hubby is a Texan, hunter, ultimate BBQ chef and totally into hanging deer heads in our home.  I’m an Arkansan, girly girl, obsessed with glamorous furniture and always changing things up in our house. I’m sure most of you can relate to the situation?  So, what do you do when your newlyweds with design styles on opposite ends of the spectrum?  You mix it up and make it work!   The one thing we do agree on around here is comfort first, we always have friends and family over so being able to crash on the sofa and put your feet up while drinking red wine is important.

Our sofa is from Macy’s and is a chocolate brown micro-velvet material that is easy to wipe down. Would I have loved to do something in a lighter color or different fabric? Sure, but with two dogs and dinner served there 7 nights a week  it wasn’t going to work.

I was asked if this was my “dream ” living room or  “dream ” home by one of my readers last week too. I wouldn’t say that this is 100% what I planned or even wanted my home to look like.  I would have gone more chic, eclectic and much more color…but I was able to do what I wanted in my office. But it’s OUR home,  a reflection of US and how we live everyday. I do love to come home everyday and we are both represented here.  What’s a dream home anyway?  I think we all have a list of changes we want to make and new pieces we save for and as a designer, that will never change around here.

Rug: Stanton Carpet Huntsman/Camel | Accent Chairs: West Elm/Sweep Arm Chair | Accent Chair Lumbar Pillows West Elm|  X-Benches: Ballard Designs/ Apple Velvet | Sofa Pillows: Kelly Wearstler Emerald Cut | Coffee Table: Zgallerie | Puppy silhouettes: Simply Silhouettes easy to create custom pieces!

The bar was an add on once we were settled into the house. Since the room is long and narrow, the space just outside of the kitchen was awkward. My husband wanted to add more “couches” so the guys could have their side of the room…ummm no and just…whatever. So, we compromised and built in a bar.  It’s the perfect fit for the long room, gives extra seating when entertaining and now we have a wine fridge and keg.  If you look behind the sofa, you can see the bar in the back corner.

Countertop: Avonite Cat Eye |   Barstools: World Market…but not for long, I have big plans here.  |  Wallcolor: Sherwin Williams Happy Camper

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  1. Beautiful home, Abbe, and I love the photo they chose for the front page! I wish I could get a better look at those lamps-I have some large scale lamps that are very similar and i love the relationship between the sofa and the lighting. Congrats to you on your feature and great job!

  2. Thank you Dayka,
    The lamps are from Global Views and I snagged them on final clearance. I knew they would be perfect in the room and balance out the high back of the sofa.
    I appreciate the kind words.

  3. Abbe, your home is gorgeous. Thanks for the great post with all the links. I love looking at other designer’s homes and yours has definitely provided lots of inspiration on mixing styles. Congrats on the feature!


    Great blog Abbe and I love the glimpse into your home! It’s beautiful!! I am inspired. Thanks : ) By the way, Avonite? Never heard of it…

  5. Ahaha!! Julianna, thank you!

  6. I love your living room and you’re right when you’re married it has to represent you as a couple or family. I like how you mix high and low, traditional with contemporary and pieces of fun! To me that can’t equal anything but success!!

  7. Hi Laurie,
    Thank you for the kind words. Your right, success is bring it all together for everyone in the family to feel at home.
    It has been fun, now I have the breakfast room on the to do list!

  8. I love the fresh green color pallatte! And that coffee table from Zgallerie has been a favorite of mine for a while!

  9. Hi Niki,
    Thank you! I love the Zgallerie table too, wish they still had the same style.

  10. You have a beautiful home Abbe. Love the coffee table, too bad Z gallerie no longer has it. By the way, what fabric did you choose for your West Elm sweep chair? Is it durable and easy to keep clean with dogs. I really want to buy those chairs but would like your opinion on durable and easy to keep clean fabrics since I have 3 kids to worry about. By the way, we live in Fayetteville, AR and lvoe it. We are transplants from the northeast. Woo Pig Sooie!

  11. Hi Smitha,
    I know, the good things are always gone so quickly at Zgallerie. We choose the buttery yellow fabric on the sweep chair. It was all they had available at the time. It has held up pretty well, the fabric tends to frizz up in areas where you rub more like the arms. BUT, it is great with the dogs. I used scotch guard and that was a HUGE help. Dirt does get into the fibers but it’s easy to clean with Spot Shot. I am thinking of re covering them with a graphic pattern next year but they are great now.
    Pig Sooie!!!!
    Thank you so much for stopping by the blog and for your comment.

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