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    Such A Doll

    I remember the Christmas that my parents…aka…Santa Clause gave me my first doll house. It was a white house with blue shutters and the chimney was made of tiny little bricks. My mother spent hours decorating the house and used fabric scraps as bedding, draperies and rugs. I LOVE LOVE LOVED it and have been thinking about what happened to that sweet little house.  So like most of us do when we get an idea or obsession in our head…I went straight to Pinterest and then to Google.  I expected to find frumpy and dated dollhouses but boy was I wrong….

    Never in a million years did I expect to find doll houses with fabulous wallpaper, Eames chairs, ghost chairs and gorgeous modern details…check these precious houses out! Now I’m officially obsessed…I think I’m going to design a doll house now!


    Image Via: Fleurishing



    Image Via: Making it Lovely



    Image Via: HERE



    Image Via: Change of Sceneries



    Image Via: HERE



    Image Via: Pinterest



    Image Via: HeyDayLiving



    Image Via: Domestic Bliss



    Image Via: Mini Modern


    Image Via: This is next



    Image Via: Change of Sceneries



    Image Via: WhiteOwl



    Image Via: Mini Modern

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