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Q&A with Laura Dro of Laura Dro Designs

Laura Dro Designs


We are so excited to announce the addition of Laura Dro Designs & Art to Shop Ten 25! Laura has a great eye for color and design, and her original artwork delivers a big dose of color, texture and wow factor to a room. We caught up with Laura this week to get some insight on her background, what she loves most about her work and her biggest sources of inspiration. Don’t forget to follow her blogFacebook, Pinterest and Twitter (@LauraDroDesigns). Then head over to Shop Ten 25 to check out her collection!


fluer lime small


P203 Fluer_lifestyle

What’s your story?

Laura Dro: I grew up in Jacksonville, FL near the sunny Atlantic Beach and received my B.A. in Fine Arts from the University of Florida. I think growing up in Florida instilled the bright and vibrant colors that influence my artwork. I have always worked in a creative field; from working as an art teacher to working at an Art Consulting firm in Chicago. I couldn’t stay away from the art industry! I always knew I was destined for a creative career where my hands were covered in paint, but it took me several years to hone in on what I really wanted to do. Painting and creating textile designs is a great combination for me. I can pick up the paint-brush and create a great painting and then use that as inspiration for new patterns.


P201 Citrus


How did you become a designer?

Painting and exploring the arts has always been a constant in my life.  Putting a paintbrush to canvas is second nature and is something I’ve done since I was little.  In college, I learned the technical side of painting. Afterwards, I really took the time to develop my style.  It wasn’t until I was designing stationery and wedding invitations in 2009 that I really started to develop a love of my artwork on different types of products.  That experience made combining art with textile designs a natural next step for me!


P208 Ikat Icon


What draws you to art and textiles?

I love that the possibilities are endless!  It’s never monotonous to me and I love challenging myself.  There’s always a new look or trend, and I love interpreting those with my own style! It’s also exciting to see my artwork develop for a product or discover a new series of paintings. My favorite aspect of my job is knowing that someone chose my artwork to hang in their home. It’s a very humbling feeling.


P204 Blue Peacock_lifestyle 1


Where do you find inspiration for your work?

I am very inspired by interior design and home . There are so many wonderful things you can fill your home with. I also love venturing outside of my comfort zone. It gives me such a different perspective on things, which is just what every artist needs!  Travel has also influenced my artwork and designs.  Seeing different cultures and textiles from trips to Greece or Paris plays a big role in my work.


Describe your style.

Color is where it all starts for me! My paintings, designs, and artwork are a versatile blend of modern and classic designs with fresh and vibrant colors.







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Feeling Color

This weekend I attended Dallas artist Chris Judy’s art exhibit at the Cameron Gallery.  I have worked with Chris on commissioned pieces and currently feature his prints at Shop Ten 25.  I loved seeing a few of my favorite pieces as well as the handful of new ones that he created for the show.


These pieces are brand new and something unexpected from Chris. Most of his pieces are full of texture, light and touches of metal. I love how these pieces are still very bold but have a sleek finish, the drip marks on the edges are fabulous and a detail that keeps the pieces interesting.




I think this one is my favorite, it is called “Good Morning”. I love the metal treatment and the way the light creates a bold and textural look.




Seeing new pieces from Chris was fabulous, I know he has been working on this exhibit for quite a few months now.  It is always fascinating to see an artist grow and watch their work evolve.


Mom & I posing in front of one of Chris’ new pieces




My Mom with my hubby Dru


Here are a few of the current pieces that are sold as prints at Shop Ten 25.   “Let It Be” has been one of Chris’ best selling prints in the Shop. It is available in three colorways and can be easily customized to work with your interiors for a small upcharge.  I hope to have a few of the new pieces in the Shop by the end of the year!


Let It Be


New Spontaneity

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