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    Weird? Or just Cool?

    Going Coastal in the office? I’m not sure how functional this is but it sure looks cozy!  I say cool.

    Very interesting. I say weird. I don’t think I would want my bedroom to feel like a night club. BUT, this room does get a few cool points for being so tricky!

    Cool and Weird…I love Lady Gaga’s go for it bold videos! Images: Bad Romance Video

    This bench is just cool! Very unique in  a Beetlejuice sort of way. I could see this in an outdoor space painted a funky color!

    Yea, I’m going to have to go with Weird on this one. I’m sure this is a nightmare to keep clean.

    Cool! Anthropologie used this recently in some of their window displays. I love the movement and texture.

    Mmmm k?  there are no words. The upside down house, even the dog gets one! As for the bathroom…really? How does that work?

    LOVE!! VERY COOL!  I’m a fan of anything pink, tufted and sparkly!

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