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    This bold, vibrant entry scene immediately caught my eye with it’s bright pops of color, bravely striped walls, and statement accessories. I mean, who wouldn’t love those prancing horse lamps and malachite jewelry box? Global eclecticism at it’s best!! Simply pull together a few unique accessories with intricate detailing, deeply saturated colors in your rug and furniture, and a handful of cultural varied influences to get this look. The formula is simple and sure to please!
    Image Via: Naomi Stein

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    1. I love the entire space! Eclectic is not my personal style, but Naomi did such a beautiful job, I can see why so many love it!!

    2. Naomi from Design Manifest did such a wonderful job on the original image as she always does!!! Love that girls style!!

    3. Hi Abbe,

      Thank you for the compliments on my work. I love this foyer too. Global Eclecticism is a Design Manifest signature. My clients were extremely happy with the results.

      Naomi Stein

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