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Today I wanted to share a client’s sitting room and how we made the best of the space. It’s not like they actually entertained in the small room, but since it was the first room off the main entry it needed to be spruced up.  My clients have three little boys so you can imagine the amount of toys that need a place to call home.  We decided to keep the fun lime green sofa and use the train table along with new custom storage ottomans to for a place to keep the kids toys.  I love that we were able to make big changes without spending big bucks. Because of that, we were able to rock out the main family room and master bedroom (more on those rooms another day).

Here was the inspiration for the room.  I wanted to make the green sofa feel more modern and brighten up the room with a new color palette. Turquoise and Lime Green…





The arrangement didn’t allow for much extra seating and the bold red drapes and dark Khaki/Green walls kept the room from feeling bright, open or a fun place for everyone to hang out together.  The location of the sofa didn’t really work in the space either, but that was going to be an easy fix. My client wanted the room to be a place where her young boys could play with toys, but easily clean up and  covert to a space where they could spend time with friends too.





As planned, we updated the drapes with a simple yet fabulous turquoise fabric from Duralee.  A few fun throw pillows brought in some much needed pattern and bold graphics. A simple fix and they easily updated the feel of the sofa.  I love the pillows in the Nissa leaf pattern from Clarke & Clarke paired with the Katana Jade Pillows too.  But my favorite additions to the room were the custom storage ottomans that housed all of the well loved toys!












So what do you think? I love the way this sitting room came together. Paint, new drapes and a few fun and creative ways to make this space work for everyone is exactly what it needed.  Now play dates will be fun and my clients have a space they can share with their boys and their friends.



All Images Via: Studio Ten 25 & Melanie Johnson Photography

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  1. I love this fabulous transformation! You really lightened and brightened the space and made it a very welcoming spot – I’m sure the family will adore being in there!

  2. Thank you Marcy!!

  3. Great job Abbe!

  4. Lovely makeover. Beautiful space for the children as well, often times they are not thought of in the design process.

  5. Thanks Tonia!!

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