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    I have been thinking about butterflies quite a bit lately.  Since it is Spring in Texas, they are everywhere.  Seeing them flutter around brings happiness to our back yard…especially when our Brittany Spaniel Caddo hops up trying to catch them.  Using butterflies in interiors can be fun in children’s rooms and a fabulous focal point or accessory in a living room or bedroom. Here are a few of my favorite images…I hope they bring happiness to you today!


    Image Via: Here



    Image Via: Pure Design



    Image Via: Home Architecture Trend



    Image Via: DecorPad



    Image Via: Kyle Bunting



    Image Via: Living Etc.



    Image Via: Pinterest



    Image Via: PBC Style



    1. It’s always beautiful to incorporate a bit of nature in your decor. I love the rug in the last photograph.

    2. I love it! Although, I am partial..I have two large butterfly prints in our family room identical to the Living etc image!

    3. I don’t even like butterflies {scared of all bugs} but I would def. take any of the butterfly decor in pics 2,3 or 4! xo

    4. HomeGoods had a butterfly sofa.

      I should have snapped a picture of it.

      Mr. Goodwill Hunting

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