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    With Saint Patrick’s Day around the corner this Saturday, I thought it would be fun to share my favorite “greens”. I have obsessed over these rooms for ever, so much that they are on my Pinterest boards!  Although we have green accents in our home, I am feeling inspired to kick it up a few notches like these fabulous rooms…the glitz and glamour get me every time!


    Image Via: EJ Inteiors


    Image Via: Miles Reed


    Image Via: Green Entry


    Image Via: Green Dining Room


    Image Via: Woodson & Rummerfield



    Another one of my latest green obsessions in searching for gorgeous green artwork. Since owning pricey art is not in our budget, I find myself searching for more affordable prints. I find myself overwhelmed by the amount of fabulous fabrics affordable art that is out there.  I love how art can completely make or break a room, it’s that powerful to me. From small pieces that bring an extra punch of color on a bookshelf to a large scale piece that packs a big punch, here are my recent loves…


    Image Via: Black Crow Studios


    Made By Girl


    Mary Lee “Tiffany”


    Image Via: Kathryn Morris Trotter


    Image Via: Byron May Art



    Image Via: Mai Autumn






    1. LOVE all the green! It’s my favorite color. I think I will have to incorporate green into the dining room…whenever we actually decide to do it :)

    2. Was catching up with your blog and just saw this photo of one of my rooms that you posted a while back! I’m so flattered that you like it- thank you SOOO much. I love all these green rooms! Especially the gold dining table room- swoon!

    3. Emily,
      Your such a doll and I love your work! Hope you are well, we must catch up soon!

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