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Your walls, flooring, and large furniture pieces in your home are like those classic basics in your wardrobe. They should be timeless, flexible, and easy to use. Your art, accessories, and accent pieces are like the jewelry. They bring life and energy to an outfit and can be oh-so-much fun to play with!! Accent seating falls in the later category. I think a quirky pattern, clever shape, or bright color on an accent chair can make all the difference in a room! Take these fun pieces that are in the shop, for instance. They can be used in any room, offer endless design possibilities, and can say so much about the style of the owner. Place a cheerful Louis XVI style chair into a dark corner of your living room and watch the space brighten immediately or drop a few colorful ceramic stools around your outdoor patio arrangement and instantly enjoy a livelier environment! You can really go bonkers with statement pieces, but when it comes to accent seating, a little goes a long way. Choose one piece that speaks to your unique taste and don’t be afraid to make it something special!
I have a wide selection of seating pieces in the shop right now… stop by and have a look. What piece would you choose to punch up your space?

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  1. I personally love the plywood stool. It reminds me of how some people draw birds flying off in the distance in a painting. Random… I know!

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