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    Highlighting the work of talented artists and designers is something I have been focusing on recently and hope to continue to grow as time goes on. I love curating the shop’s collection with unique products that can’t be found many other places so, this weekend’s post is especially exciting for me!!  Darian Thomas is a Dallas fashion designer extraordinaire and totally ma’ girl! We hit it off right away when we first met and I’ve been a huge fan of her work ever since. You can imagine how thrilled I was to hear that she was planning to use select custom apparel silks from her previous apparel seasons for a new collection of stunning accent pillows. Fashion meets interiors… truly!! I am especially drawn to the vibrancy and energy that these fabrics bring to a room. The “paint stroke” trend is hot and I can totally see why!
    These beauties were recently added to the shop, so grab them quick while they last. As with all artisan pieces, quantities are limited with each season!”


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    1. LOVE these silks!! They are even more stunning in person!

    2. Wow!! I love the silk pillows!! :)

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