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I have been working on a few commissioned art pieces for a client’s new home for the past few weeks.  And when I began to develop the pieces for the guest bathroom, I just couldn’t pull the trigger on any of the top options.  While visiting the Chris Judy’s studio to finalize the pieces, I became obsessed with the paper plates he was using as palettes.  You typically see a wood, plastic or porcelain palette laying around an artist’s studio so you can see why these multiple stacks of paper plates caught my eye.



So we came up with the idea to select a few of the plates, have them photographed and made into fabulous pieces of art! Since the guest room has touches of red with a fabulous lacquered desk from Again & Again, custom pillows from Peacock Alley and stunning turquoise velvet bedding using a Bergamo Fabric from ID Collection.  Here is a sneak peak of the room……



Here is a look at a few of the plates we pulled.  Once we had our favorites pulled, we decided that they would look amazing printed on clear acrylic and mounted to the wall using standoffs.






And now…there are four fabulous pieces of art ready to be installed! They are being printed this week and I can not wait to show them off once they are up on the wall.  I love how something that was forgotten about and just sitting in a pile has become something unique.  From now on, I will keep an eye out for inspiration because you never know what will jump out at you.  I think the indentations from the plates keep the pieces interesting and bring a textural look to the smooth acrylic.




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  1. That is an amazing idea Abbe! Very creative. Love how the art pieces turned out.

  2. Holy smokes, fabulous example of finding inspiration randomly and brought to life! I did not see where this was going until the end. Wow!

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