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I have been trying to step away from the office and my laptop a little bit every day. I think it is important to enjoy life, friends & family and recharge by enjoying them all.  Last night the weather here in Dallas was actually cool so we had a little fun with the girls in the back yard. Now that summer is slowly moving out, I am spending more time outside and loving the downtime. Caddo spent her time chasing bugs out of the flowerbeds while Ivy played in the sprinkler.  We got out the bubbles too, it was hilarious watching the girls go after them. I must have laughed for 10 minutes straight before finally turning off the sprinkler that Ivy was attacking too, I needed that.

Hope everyone is enjoying the week and making time to enjoy it all!



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  1. I’m a Dallas girl too and yes it sure is nice to be done with this miserable summer. Bring on the cooler temps!

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