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    Wishing you all a very safe and happy Memorial Day weekend. We are off to visit friends and enjoy the sunshine.  A little red white and blue inspiration for the holiday weekend felt appropriate today so enjoy the view!



    Image via: Decor Pad




    Image via: Meredith Heron


    Image via: Decor Pad



    Image via: The decorologist


    1. All gorgeous images. Love it!


    2. Loving the blue wallpaper in those images!! Blue and red sure are a great color combo, in all different shades and hues!

      Hope you have a great Memorial Day weekend! ;)

    3. Stunning! And I am in LOVE with the coral headboard. Had to pin it.

      Oksana from

    4. I just stumbled onto you lovely blog after seeing your amazing portfolio, such gorgeous spaces!! will be back for more, for sure :)

    5. Beautiful images…especially love the red bamboo chair!!

    6. LOVE the coral headboard against the blue walls!!!

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