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I met Laura Carson Miller last year and was honored to be a guest blogger on her site a few months ago. Laura is freelance lifestyle writer in Atlanta, writing for magazines and the web. Her favorite subjects include beauty, health/wellness, and financial issues. She is also an avid cook, gardener, fashionista and interior stylist extraordinaire.

I wanted to share this article she wrote on She Knows {Home and Garden} about Decorating with Pillows. I was able to show off a few of my design projects and talk about the impact pillows can have in your space.  Thank you Laura!

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  1. I am one of those people who become very flustered when choosing decor for their house. But I took your advice and went out and just bught pillows that i like without thinking how they would look. And they actually turned out pretty well! My only question is how many pillows in the max on a regular sized couch?

  2. Hi Marta,
    You are asking the wrong gal! I would have 4-6 pillows on my sofa if my dogs and husband would’t mess them up so much. I say go for it if you can.
    Thanks for reading the blog and for the comment.

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