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I been working on a new Home Away From Home project converting a nursery to a toddler room and playroom and have been on the hunt for the perfect rug. Having access to SHOP TEN 25 is a blessing and I find my self “shopping”  in my own store.  We recently added a full like of children’s rugs to the shop so I wanted to share my top pics for this project.

The baby girl’s nursery is a pink, white and green color palette and her mom wanted to keep the existing paint and drapes. We are adding a new “big girl” bed and replacing the carpet with hardwoods so we need a great statement rug now.  Modern birds are the theme for the room and I found just the rug for the space.  This rug is perfect, it brings in the modern bird theme and works with the pink paint and white drapes…I’m thinking a green or turquoise chandelier may find it’s way into the room too! I’m working on the inspiration board over the next few days so stay tuned!

The playroom space is just outside of the room and now that the hardwoods are going in, we need a fun run to soften the space up.  This is a family of three, two boys and the baby girl so we need to bring in a rug that is durable, stylish and affordable.  We are looking at a poly/acrylic blend hook rug for the space. Acrylic hook rugs are soft under foot and can also be used outdoor, they are durable enough to stand up to little kiddos and all of their spills.

This modern animal rug is the top choice so far. The colors are easy to decorate around but branch out from the typical primary color palette that you see in many kids area.

So if your in the market for a rug that is durable enough to stand up to you kiddos…check out our options in The Shop

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  1. These are so precious. Too bad my children are grown.

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