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Earlier this week I posted more pictures from our living room after receiving lots of email and questions about the space. Today, I wanted to do the same thing with the sitting room in our house.

Our house is a 1950’s ranch so there is no true entry space. As soon as you walk in from the front door the sitting room is on the left and the formal dining is on the right. I tried arranging the room about five different ways and there was really no better layout than the one we have now.  Sitting rooms are a tough one for me to wrap my head around. We just walk through the space but I didn’t want it to feel stuffy  or look uncomfortable  just because it’s in the “formal” part of our home.

Before: The dark leather sofa and red accents were dark and didn’t  really work for me.  The drapes, sofa and painting were the first things to go.

After: I fell in love with the shape of this sofa and the nail head detailing on the front had me sold from the moment I saw it. I had the sofa made to fit the  scale of our room and used an embossed croc velvet.  The room only has one window so using lighter fabrics kept the space from feeling heavy.

Before: Looking across to the dining room, the red wall drove me crazy…we tried to work with it but after a few months it just drove me mad.

After: New wallpaper, rug and a few more accessories really brighten the room up and made way for the new ivory sofa and softer seating area.



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  1. WOW! I love that sofa…never seen anything like it. It really does brighten up the whole space.

  2. that sofa is bananas. omg. can i sleep over?

  3. Courtney,
    Your cracking me up! Thanks for stopping by the blog.

  4. I love the changes you’ve made! That sofa is gorgeous and the pair of lamps add great balance and symmetry. I’m feeling inspired now!!

  5. Lindsey,
    Thank you! The lamps are actually my favorite part of the room, so glad you are inspired!

  6. Simply Stunning! I love it all!

  7. Love that sofa. I have a sofa that’s waiting to be recovered and that nailhead design is going in my inspiration file.

  8. Hi Tonia,
    The nail heads are the best part, I almost used a square pattern but after finding the metal side table with circles I had to go round.
    Hope your doing well…we HAVE to catch up and get together next week or very soon.

  9. Stunning!! I think that is the most beautiful sofa I have ever seen! Thank you for sharing this. Your touches really brightened the space and it feels much more glam. My favorite!

  10. I LOVE the colors!! Looks beautiful!

  11. Love the detail on the sofa! Way to go, Abbe!

  12. Thank you Rose!

  13. The painting in your sitting room and the focal wall in your dining room are amazing. Thanks for sharing!

  14. Thank you Vivien,
    The print is a Limited Edition from a local Dallas artist. I sell his prints on canvas and archival paper in my shop, shopten25. I love the color and pattern.
    Thanks for stopping by the blog and for the sweet comment.

  15. Abbe- I love this post! It’s so great to get to see how your rooms have transitioned over time and to see your thought process behind the designs! I think my husband and I could pass for your and yours when it comes to our decor styles!

  16. Megan,
    Thank you, mixing our two styles has become the norm now. I do still love to imagine a girly glamorous house one day but I love my hubby more!!

  17. Embossed croc VELVET??!! Amazing!!! I’m so glad you didn’t try to force all of the dark colors and the red wall. Seeing the “after” and knowing you had all of that swirling around in your head, you never would have been happy with those dark heavy colors. The rooms look amazing. I’ve admired these photos before, and truly never get tired of looking at them. All of the details are so perfect. And those nailheads…wow.

  18. YES!!! Embossed croc velvet, I know!! I almost lost it when I first found the fabric. The room is much brighter and feels pulled together, the red was driving me crazy!
    Thank you for the compliment!!!

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