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    Today I am going to keep it short, sweet & simple. I have loved the shape of the quatrefoil for a quite sometime now and wanted to post a few of my favorite images with the beautiful shape. I love the shape so much that it has become a part of my soon to launch newly designed website and blog. Come back tomorrow for a sneak peek!

    Here are a few fabulous facts about the quatrefoil:

    -In Christianity, each of the leaves of the quatrefoil have symbolized the four evangelists of the Bible: Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.

    -In Native American culture, the four leaves of the quatrefoil are believed to symbolize the four ends of the earth. This represents Native American prayers to the North, South, East, and West.

    -According to the Seattle First Baptist Church, the quatrefoil is an ancient symbol of good luck.

    -Since it is easy to divide a quatrefoil into equal portions or into other shapes, it has also come to symbolize harmony, symmetry, and proportion.


    Image Via: Jeneration Interiors

    Image Via: Jeneration Interiors

    Image Via: Houzz

    Image Via: Charm Home

    Image Via: Turquoise LA

    Image Via: Studio Ten 25

    Image Via: David Jimenez

    Image Via: Decor Pad

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    1. I have always been a fan!! These inspirational pics are stunning!

      Jennifer Jensen

      This is definitely one of my favorite shapes. Thanks for the lovely pictures.

    3. Love these pictures! I have also been a big fan of this design. Love reading your blog!

    4. you know I’m a fan!

    5. Target is selling this mirror online and in stores for $20! They call it the Clover Mirror. Their mirrors look identical to the ones in the picture by Charm Home.

    6. Abbe, thanks for doing the legwork. I enjoyed the history lesson! That is such a graceful shape, and it does create a sense of harmony, doesn’t it? (I especially like the soothing wallpaper in that last pic.)

      Loving your blog!❤

    7. Your so welcome Bonnie! Thank you for stopping by the blog and I’m glad you loved the post.

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