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I have the best dad on earth…seriously!  He has put up with me for 34 years so I would say that makes him the best.  He has taught me many valuable lessons like:

*  “Think before you speak”   I’m still working on that one!

*  “You need to learn to change a flat”   That lesson has come in handy

*  “Take care of the things you have, I’ve worked hard to give them to you and someday you will work hard for them too”

You know he’s an awesome dad when the “Footloose” tape wears out from listening to it in the Thunderbird over and over again.  He let me have dance parties in the garage, Michael Jackson “Thriller” was a big favorite.  He took me on his “dates” , I’m sure I was the best “wing-man” ever!! So, I want to honor my father (and stop embarrassing him) by sharing a few of my favorite pictures of us and tell you a little about what makes him such a great dad.

We were always out doing fun things. Amusement parks, hikes and fishing are some of my favorite childhood memories with my dad. My parents divorced when I was very young so we had lots of Abbe / Dad time!

Fishing at my Grandparent’s place. I’m not sure how much help I was. I was a bit chatty…still am…so I’m sure I drove the fish away. It’s amazing we ever caught anything with me around.  I think dad tried to teach me how to bait a hook, but I wasn’t into worms or crickets then! It was the perfect job for dad.

This is one of my favorite pictures of me and my dad. We were laughing our booties off! I can’t tell you what we were laughing about but it had something to do with an old Seinfeld episode! Image: Annie X Photo

Of course every girl looks forward to the day her daddy can walk her down the isle. Dad looked so handsome in his Military Dress Blues! And of course my nephew Braden looked very handsome too! Image: Annie X Photography

My dad also taught me love of Country. I am so proud to have a father who has served our country, inspired others around him and continues to fight for our freedom everyday. Colonel Bill Stanton, THANK YOU for being the best dad in the whole wide world!

I LOVE YOU!!!  – Abbe



  1. Great post, Abbe. Happy Fathers’ Day, Uncle Skip!

  2. Abbe,
    that’s the sweetest. I bet your Father is amazing, because you are amazing. I love the pics. thanks for sharing them.

    love ya,


  3. Hi Susan!! I miss you, lets catch up soon. I can’t wait to see the babies!!

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