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Yes, I watch a Soap Opera….and Yes…I really am posting about it today.   The Young & The Restless has been part of my dvr scheduled recordings since that was available and before that, I used my my VCR to record the show everyday. I would like to blame my mother for getting me hooked on this show. Back in the 80’s I would come home from school and sit down to do my homework at our kitchen table. My mother would turn on the Young & The Restless and it became part of my afternoon each day from that point on.

As an interior designer, I am always noticing details on my favorite T.V. shows, but my soap has always been pretty bad. I mean seriously, these people are supposto be wealthy and sophisticated but their homes have always been awful! I will spare you the icky images!

But, this year The Young and The Restless has kicked it up a bit, probably because they are celebrating 40 years on the air. The dapper Martyn Lawrence Bullard stopped by to help Sharon  update The Ranch Mansion…too bad she was divorced soon after and kicked out before he was able to work his magic…UGH!!! I was really hoping to see him “million dollar decorator” up that house!! This was the second time that MLB came in to help Sharon, he was also asked to update another mansion…from another marriage that she had…shocker!


Screen Shot 2013-03-28 at 8.27.55 AM


And if that wasn’t exciting enough….Billy & Victoria recently painted their living room and updated their furniture. I was excited when I noticed Duralee’s Aqua print from their Westbury Collection! I have been working on a Lake House project and we are using this fabric on a few accent pillows too!  So, I had to snap a pic and share it with you guys!








Here is a peek of the fabric from our Lake House project! Soothing colors and modern graphics, looks like Y&R is stepping it up and I can’t wait to see what else they decide to update on the set!




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  1. Hello, I too am a big Y&R fan, but I blame my grandmother. I love how the set designers have done Billy and Victoria’s living room and came to the Internet to see if anyone knew what colours and fabrics were used and found your blog. I am just about to do over a tiny bedroom in my home and would like to use similar colours.

    I looked up the Duralee website and it doesn’t appear that they have distributors in Canada where I’m from.

    Thank you for posting the information. I enjoyed poking around your blog and will definitely be back.


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