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Sometimes you just look at a photograph of a room and instantly fall in love. I love this pool house from the Hamptons show house designed by Mabley Handler… and I LOVE the orange chain links. I’m not sure I could be so bold in my own home but that is what I love about it.  By the way, the chain link grass cloth wallcovering from Phillip Jefferies is just to die for, right?!  Ok, enough about that.

So I am imagining that we have a pool house…and that I would for sure use this room as my inspiration.  As we all know,  it would be easy to copy this room down to the Cordova Bungalow 5 lamps…but they don’t necessarily fit everyone’s budget.  I love how a “get the look” inspiration board can show you that even though you love that chain link grass cloth wallcovering, it may be a bit much for you. So today’s Get The Look shows you how inspiration, color and texture can still give you a Hamptons show house worthy room without breaking the bank or your comfort zone!




1. Whitehouse Mirror 2. Orange Chain Link Pillow 3. Turquoise Chain Link Pillow 4. Aluminum Aligator 5. Moor Saffron Rug 6. Alexa White Buffet 7. Set of Turquoise Vases

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  1. Yes! The chain link grass cloth wallcovering from Phillip Jefferies is everything. Love the finds especially the gator.

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