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Archive for July, 2012

Dressing Up Draperies

Thank you all for the great emails about the Cottages & Bungalows article I posted  yesterday!!! I though it would be fun to address a popular question that a few of you emailed regarding the draperies in this project.  These day we are all looking for a high style on a slim budget, I’m the first to admit that I am always on the hunt for affordable pieces for my home that look like a million bucks.  Draperies can be pricey…especially if you want something that looks custom or if your room needs a length that can’t be found off the self.

Since we used most of this master bedroom’s budget on the custom headboard and other accessories, we decided to keep the drapes simple and chic.  I headed down to one of Dallas’ local fabric warehouses and snagged over 30 yards of this soft, yet textured white linen fabric.


The savings that added up were huge, so I though splurging on a great graphic trim  from Robert Allen would be our reward!  I love how it ties in with the Hicks Hexagon wallpaper that we used in the night stands and the Palio accent pillow. A big impact for such a small price!


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On News Stands Now!!

I walked into CVS this weekend to pick up a few knick knacks and was so excited to see this on the news stand!!! It is my first national exposure in a design magazine and it’s taking all of my restraint not to pick up every copy….in Dallas!!!!



I previously worked with Rebecca Razo when she included me in the KITCHENS and BEDROOMS & BATHROOMS special interest publications earlier this year. I have been so fortunate to work with her and to have her write such fabulous stories about my projects.  This one is one of my favorites. I love that a house full of little boys can still be chic and colorful without giving up any of the gorgeous details.  Here are a few of the iPhone pics I snagged from the news stands….and a few of the gorgeous project below!  Happy Monday.



Images Via: Melanie Johnson Photography

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Weekend Window {Sleek & Chic}

We have been busier that a one armed paper hanger around The Studio and The Shop this past week. So, we though we would take a little break  from the blog and finalize all of the fabulous new details for Shop Ten 25’s re-launch next week!!  I can’t think of a better cure for the hot, humid Summer weather than an interior clad with cool, sleek, mirrored surfaces, can you? Their reflective nature bounces light around a room and immediately brightens any space. Not to mentioned it’s such a chic look! Glamorous, cool, sleek, and chic. It’s a SummerDO!!




1.Arden Side Table 2.Jigsaw Mirror 3.Greyhound Dog 4.Antique Mercury Glass Ball Finials 5.Whitehouse Mirror

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Weekend Window {Zig Zag}

We are a sucker for a great graphic pattern and the zig zag happens to be one of our favorites. They can be subtle in soft tones or bold in color and we love our zigs and zags in all sizes…we don’t discriminate!  They mix perfectly with florals, stripes and of course you can’t go wrong with a complimenting solid either.  Zig zags have become a staple in our world of pillows and we do our best to stock The Shop with pieces that you can easily incorporate into your interiors.  I think the fabric covered wastebaskets are our favorite right now, who could resist a classy place for your trash?

Enjoy the weekend and don’t forget to “like” us on Facebook or “tweet” us on Twitter where we are sharing sneak peaks of the new look! The Shop is undergoing a major overhaul and we are preparing for the AUGUST 1st launch, we can’t wait for you to see it!



1. Cast Brass Pendant 2. Tangerine Zig Zag Rug 3. Navy Zig Zag Embroidered Linen Pillow 4. Tangerine Ziggy Pillow

5. Turquoise & Ivory Zig Zag Pillow 6. Zig Zag Wastebasket

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New Buzz At The Studio

I called Sam & Kevin  up from Swoon The Studio to see if they had any good ideas for a small update to my design site. I wanted to rework the BUZZ section of my Studio Ten 25 website and it just went live today! I Have worked with Sam & Kevin for almost two years now, and they continue to rock out everything they do for me! They created the Studio Ten 25 website, Blog and new look for Shop Ten 25….whew…they have been busy!  Here are a few tidbits of the new BUZZ carousel, super cool and very organized. I love that there is lots to look at and through.  PRESS, TESTIMONIALS and AWARDS each have their own brightly colored tab you can find them easily too. We have even included a few links to our client’s websites so take a look around, hope you love it as much as I do!!!



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Same Pieces…New House

We have been in the middle of a move with a new client and it has been so much fun to make her existing furniture and accessories and make them work in the new house.  I can only imagine how overwhelming it must be to make your pieces work in a home with a completely different layout.  But, this has been a process and we are finally making things work.

Today I wanted to share a few space from both houses and show you how we have made their pieces work…and of course we have added a few new pieces to help pull the space together! The unpacking continues and the plan is to really focus on the details once their kiddos are back in school this fall!


PREVIOUS HOUSE: We had two bookshelves with lower storage. The T.V. was on one side with only one or two shelves for accessories. The other shelf had multiple shelves so we were able to display quite a bit of the client’s pieces.



THE NEW HOUSE:  We had a custom built-in added to the living room, but unfortunately we have less space to display their accessories. Still a fabulous focal point in the room. We decided not to wallpaper the back of the shelves this time, so we used the warmer Earl Grey accent color that we have in other areas of the home.  It’s a great start and I can’t wait to pull the rest of the family room together.


The Master bedroom is by far my favorite room in their home. I am loving the bold black and yellow color palette and the custom headboard from the other home looks amazing in the new master bedroom.

PREVIOUS HOME:  The master bedroom had carpet and they didn’t want to spend the money to install hardwood floors since they were thinking of moving in the near future.


THE NEW HOUSE:  We painted the room the same color as the previous home (If it isn’t broke..don’t fix it) and are using 100% of their furniture. The room has travertine floors so replacing them would be a hassle, not to mention a mess. So, it was obvious that a new rug was was on the to-do list.  I love when a client is open to being bold, and this honeycomb flat weave rug brings the major wow factor!

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THE Chandelier

Sometimes there are elements in a design project that just stick with you.  The Catalonia turquoise lacquered chandelier from Shine Home is definitely one of those elements. We installed it in the main entrance of The Turquoise Firefly, a chic clothing boutique just north of Dallas. It’s up and it’s awesome!  Wanted to share a few site visit pictures…





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Glamorous Wallpaper {Before & After}

Last week I shared a few sketches and pictures from a client’s current space that is undergoing an expansion.  I am loving the progress in the additional space that is currently undergoing a major update. I stopped by this past weekend to see the gorgeous wallpaper being installed and also dropped of two pieces for the main lobby (more about that in a bit).

We instantly fell in love with this Jazz wallpaper from Seabrook when we originally designed the space. So when we began to talk about what we were going to do with the additional space, the wallpaper was #1 on the list. The large blank back wall in one of the treatment rooms was screaming for something special!  Here is a look of the wallpaper we installed on the fireplace. This room is going to be the new lobby…we just had to make the fireplace front and center.

Wallpaper on Fireplace | Image Via: Melanie Johnson


Here is the BEFORE & AFTER!  The dingy and icky grey carpet was the first thing to go! A new coat of lavender paint on the walls and a fresh coat of white paint for the trim were next on the to-do list.  Now that the wallpaper is up and and the new wood floors are down, we can bring in the furniture and accessories!


Here is a better look  at the accent wall. I loved the graphic element on the fireplace, but it looks amazing on a full wall! The silver, grey and warm purple pattern create the glamourous feel that my client wants for her space!   From the moment it went up, the room became brighter and instantly felt larger.



And as promised, I wanted to share a few pictures of the white mongolian fur x-benches that were just delivered! They will be accent pieces in the new lobby! My client has been out of town the past few days and I can’t wait to see what she thinks of the x-benches and of course the overhaul in the back treatment room!  We are still waiting on a few custom pieces of furniture and glitzy chandelier to arrive, you know I’ll post pics as soon as they are in!


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Weekend Window {Summer Neons}

Summer is in full swing and there’s nothing that I love more when the heat is gettin’ me down than a shot of serious neon colors! These are just a few that I’m in love with right now. I mean, how could you not be happy when looking at these shades? Give your home or wardrobe a Summer makeover with a few bright moments of neon color and I guarantee you’ll feel better… or at least more cheerful! Have a great weekend everyone!




1. Jellyfish Chandelier 2. Mary Lee Print 3. Pink Greek Key Pillow 4. Green Butterfly Pillow 5. Ivory & Orange Zig Zag Pillow

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The New Tassel

Not only have I been busy getting Shop Ten 25 ready to move over to a new design format, but I have also been working on The Design Studio! It’s a challenge to give myself a fabulous space to work in these days, I have been so busy showing love to all of my other projects that The Studio has just fallen to the side.   Although I LOVEED the pops of pink and overall girly look, it was time to take things up a few notches and really go glam! Here is what the old space looked like….


After months of planning and ordering and waiting things kept taking a backseat and I was getting bummed about the entire project. But, today was the first time that I have been really excited about the updates to the new office!  I had a custom desk built into the old closet, painted, picked up a new conference table and chairs and am happy to see the long awaited backorderd pieces show up! And today was the big day.  I have had a serious obsession and major crush on Arteriors Home’s new Tassel Lamps since they hit the market and I finally have a set of my own!  Navy and black tassels, a stunning black shade with gold lining and and the perfect addition to The Studio!

Here is a sneak peek at the progress!! I hope to have this Design Studio 100% and up an running as soon as the finishing touches show up! Of course I will share…




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