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Archive for March, 2012

Weekend Window {Neutral Notes}

Have you ever experienced color overload? Being the big color fan that I am, it doesn’t happen to me very often but every once in a while I feel the need to go totally neutral. Today’s Weekend Window is just that… a play on the subtle differences and varieties of neutral grays, beiges, and taupes. The shop is full of beautiful neutral options to choose from and these are just a few of the new arrivals that I’ve added recently. Peruse the shop’s collections by searching under the keywords GRAYBEIGETAUPE… you might be surprised how much you like their subtlety and sophisticated simplicity!





1. Floor Lamp 2. Charcoal Drawing 3. Hide Chair 4. Westover Rug 5. Bubble Brass Nesting Bowls


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A Fabulous Facebook Template

I finally pulled the trigger and changed over to the new Facebook timeline on my personal and business Facebook pages.  I like the new look and it’s taking a bit of getting used to. My favorite part is the layout with the new cover timeline image area.  I tried to add a few images and nothing really looked right to me.  When I found out that Rose over at Bittersweet Design Boutique makes templates for the timeline cover images…I immediately snagged one!  I have known Rose for a while now and she has created tons of fabulous marketing pieces and my logos for The Studio and Shop Ten 25. She also creates all of the Shop Ten 25 ad banners that you see on the side bars of fabulous blogs like 6th Street Design SchoolEmily ClarkMade by Girl and Elements of Style and Tobi Fairley.


So, if you have been frustrated with you Facebook timeline cover image…now you can grab one from Bittersweet Design Studio and easily stylize your page!  She currently offers five options and adding your images is super easy. While your there, check out all of the other fabulous templates and services that Bittersweet offers!  I have Bittersweet’s blog on my daily reads, I love seeing all of the gorgeous logo and marketing pieces she creates.




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She Knows

I was asked to share my opinion on the latest in countertop material.  Before starting Studio Ten 25, I worked as an architectural products rep.  I have worked with countertop laminate, luxury vinyl tile, vinyl wallcovering and solid surface countertops.  Most of the products that I carried were not the best fit for residential projects but often crossed over.  When Laura Carson Miller asked me what I thought about wood countertops for an upcoming piece on She Knows, I was all about it!

Take a look at the post HERE and see what the latest trends in countertop are and what I had to say about using wood in the kitchen and on countertops in general.  I love that the look of wood can still be modern while bringing in a warm homey feel to a room!

Here are a few of my favorite wood countertop looks!


Image Via: Interior Styles



Image Via: Home Designs



Image Via: Miauu Interior Design




Weekend Window {Viva La Boheme}

Besides arabesques and bold colors, the boho chic look is absolutely one of my favorites!! Luxe details meet modern shapes and exotic references accompanied by an undeniable “c’est la vie” look on life… that’s the boho chic way! Today’s collage combines all of these elements in a look that I could probably spend most of the day dreaming about. The jumping board for this look were the colorful mongolian fur pillows that I recently added to the shop. I have one myself and they are so soft and luxurious!! Perfect for the Parisian artist in all of us!




1. Charcoal Mongolian Fur Pillow 2. Teal Mongolian Fur Pillow 3. Interlocking Walnut Room Screen 4. White Faux Snake Skin Dining Chair 5. Gray Bone Box 6. Aqua Glass Lamp 7. White Lola Accent Table 8. Kiss The Sky Art Print


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Arabesque-The Shape

I know I can’t be the only one obsessed with the shape of Arabesque.  These days it is pretty easy to find.  From fabrics and wall paper to rugs and even tile.  I didn’t realize how deep my obsession was until I started to look through a few of my project images…I may need an intervention or maybe I should keep on using it! The soft shape is very soothing, yet modern without being too trendy. Here are a few of my favorite Arabesque pieces, I still have the Kyle Bunting rug on my “to-do” list! Enjoy!



Image Via: Kyle Bunting


Image Via: California Home Design



Image Via: Clarke & Clarke


Image Via:  Studio Ten 25


Image Via: Studio Ten 25


Image Via: Shop


Image Via: Studio Ten 25


Image Via: Windsor Smith for Kravet


Image Via: Studio Ten 25



Image Via: Shop


Image Via: Studio Ten 25



My latest adventure with Arabesque is with Ann Sacks Nottingham Ceramic Art Tile. We are using it in the ivory color way for a kitchen backsplash. It’s on the truck and on the way, can’t way to share pictures!


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Stylelist Home: Bathroom Inspiration




Today I wanted to share a wonderful bit of inspiration from the Huffington Posts’ life & style site,  Stylelist.  I am thrilled that they choose to include one of our master bathroom projects in the slideshow.  The slideshow features our spa like master bathroom and mentions that adding a chandelier is one simple way to create an overall luxurious and  comfortable atmosphere in your bath! See more inspirational images HERE.  Want to see more details on the before and after from the featured bathroom? You can find them HERE.


Image Via: Studio Ten 25Melanie Johnson Photography



Image Via: Studio Ten 25 / Melanie Johnson Photography



Image Via: Studio Ten 25Melanie Johnson Photography



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Weekend Window {Green Screen}

St. Patty’s Day is right around the corner and yes that means you’ll probably be seeing all sorts of clever green themed collages popping up all over the design blogosphere. Rather than showcasing the typical Kelly green, though, I thought it would be fun to investigate it’s more leafy moss green and teal green cousins. I love the accompanying hints of golden rod, chartreuse green and bits of teal green mixed within these products! It makes the idea of a green color scheme so much more interesting. If this month is going to be all about green, I’m okay with that… let’s just mix it up!




1. Tiffany Art Print 2. Peacock Area Rug 3. Green Leaf Pouf 4. La Fiorentina Pillow 5. Peacock Feather Pillow

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Inspired By Green

With Saint Patrick’s Day around the corner this Saturday, I thought it would be fun to share my favorite “greens”. I have obsessed over these rooms for ever, so much that they are on my Pinterest boards!  Although we have green accents in our home, I am feeling inspired to kick it up a few notches like these fabulous rooms…the glitz and glamour get me every time!


Image Via: EJ Inteiors


Image Via: Miles Reed


Image Via: Green Entry


Image Via: Green Dining Room


Image Via: Woodson & Rummerfield



Another one of my latest green obsessions in searching for gorgeous green artwork. Since owning pricey art is not in our budget, I find myself searching for more affordable prints. I find myself overwhelmed by the amount of fabulous fabrics affordable art that is out there.  I love how art can completely make or break a room, it’s that powerful to me. From small pieces that bring an extra punch of color on a bookshelf to a large scale piece that packs a big punch, here are my recent loves…


Image Via: Black Crow Studios


Made By Girl


Mary Lee “Tiffany”


Image Via: Kathryn Morris Trotter


Image Via: Byron May Art



Image Via: Mai Autumn





Curling Up With A New Book


Today I’m so excited share that I am  part of a new publication from Michele M. Granger, who is author of several books about working in design and professor of Fashion and Design at Missouri State University.   I met Michele after she found my interview with Anne Sieder from Pretty Haus last year.  She liked it so much that she decided to feature it in the Interior Design section of the new edition of “Fashion: The Industry and its Careers” due out today!


Barnes & Noble Amazon Fairchild Books

Here is a little more about the book.

“The exciting and dynamic fashion industry presents a wide range of possible careers, but it can be difficult for a novice to determine exactly what each involves. Fashion: The Industry and Its Careers, 2nd Edition offers a thorough and informative exploration of fashion careers across the board, including designer, textile manufacturer, retailer, wholesaler, illustrator, model, product developer, journalist, publicist, trend forecaster and more. For each career covered, readers will learn about what to expect on the job, required education and training, how to advance to a management role, relationship to the industry as a whole and future outlook. This 2nd edition has been completely updated to reflect recent developments in technology, world economics and globalization.”

I hope I don’t look like a huge dork when I have a stack of them at my local book store’s register!

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Adding Orange

Thank you all so much for your emails and comments about the tangerine article from The Dallas Morning News. I loved seeing how one bright and graphic piece inspired so many of you to consider adding a bold color to your home.  I thought it would be fun to share a few simple ways to add bold and even graphic pieces to your home without going overboard.  Since tangerine and orange were the topic of the day, I though I would show you a few of my favorite pieces.

There are two ways really that you can bring in a bold color like orange to your room. Let’s start with BOLD shall we. If you are starting out with good basics in your room and are willing to make the investment to change a few pieces out, here are a few ideas.  Accent chairs, light fixtures, rugs and paint and wallpaper will be the key elements to going bold in your room.


Chandelier | Orange Wallcovering | Udaipur Orange Rug | Orange Wingback Chair



If that is a bit much for you but you still want the pop of color, you may want to KEEP IT SIMPLE. By changing pillows, adding throw blankets and a few accessories you can bring in the bold look of orange with out going overboard.  Here are a few simple looks and accessories to inspire you. I love finding unique and graphic pieces that can keep your room interesting and add just the right amount of orange.


Sitting room |  Bedroom |  Warm Art PrintAthens Stripe PillowZig Zag Pillow | WastebasketLamp Orange throw

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