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Archive for January, 2012

Patio Chic

Today I wanted to share an update on a client’s patio.  This house is STUNNING and the fact that the patio is front and center as soon as you enter the front door makes it even more important.  Sleek, minimal and pops of color is the best way to describe the outdoor space. We are in the process of of having the outdoor drapes made, I think the columns need a bit of softening.  The green shag rugs, large graphic pillows and pops of orange from the accent tables are just want this monochromatic space needed without going overboard. If your looking for modern Rattan furniture pieces, here are a few of my favorites.





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Weekend Window {Take A Seat}

Your walls, flooring, and large furniture pieces in your home are like those classic basics in your wardrobe. They should be timeless, flexible, and easy to use. Your art, accessories, and accent pieces are like the jewelry. They bring life and energy to an outfit and can be oh-so-much fun to play with!! Accent seating falls in the later category. I think a quirky pattern, clever shape, or bright color on an accent chair can make all the difference in a room! Take these fun pieces that are in the shop, for instance. They can be used in any room, offer endless design possibilities, and can say so much about the style of the owner. Place a cheerful Louis XVI style chair into a dark corner of your living room and watch the space brighten immediately or drop a few colorful ceramic stools around your outdoor patio arrangement and instantly enjoy a livelier environment! You can really go bonkers with statement pieces, but when it comes to accent seating, a little goes a long way. Choose one piece that speaks to your unique taste and don’t be afraid to make it something special!
I have a wide selection of seating pieces in the shop right now… stop by and have a look. What piece would you choose to punch up your space?

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The White Dog

Nothing makes me happier than seeing a piece from Shop Ten 25  displayed proudly in a customer’s home. This week, Layla and Kevin from The Lettered Cottage showed off a few of the changes in their living room and blew me away with the update they made to their purchase.  They snagged the White Boy Dog print and I love that they made the existing gray/driftwood frame a better match for their space by staining it a warmer brown! Just precious! Thank you Layla & Kevin for the shout out!!!





Here are a few more shots of this adorable print…also available in a Boy Brown Dog, LOVE!!


Image: Studio Ten 25 /Melanie Johnson Photography


Image: Studio Ten 25 /Melanie Johnson Photography

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Simple Kitchen Updates

I am excited to share a bit of good news with you today.  Rebecca Razo did a great feature story on me called “Practical Makeovers” in Beckett Media’s special interest publication KITCHENS issue.  It was great to be included in this issue that’s all about making the best of what you have along with smart and savvy design ideas for your kitchen!



Four of my past kitchen remodel projects are featured in the issue and each one of them shows you BEFORE & AFTER images and how changes from small to large can easily update your space on any budget. Here are shots from the kitchens featured in the magazine that is on stands now through late March 2012!!

Image Via: Melanie Johnson / See more kitchen details HERE



Image Via: Melanie Johnson / See more kitchen details HERE



Image Via: Melanie Johnson / See more kitchen details HERE



Image Via: Melanie Johnson / See more kitchen details HERE

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An early Valentine’s Day….

I love a good gift guide!  I know it’s a bit early for Valentine’s Day but if your always looking for that perfect gift, you have to start early. Meg from Mimi + Meg started her Valentine’s Day gift guide today and I am happy to help her kick it off! Pop on over to her blog to see what  “give” and “get”  Valentine gifts I picked.  And keep an eye out for more gift guides on Mimi + Meg!


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If I were in this room…

I have been obsessed with Diane Von Furstenburg’s collection of scarves for a long time. I love the bold graphics, mix of colors and super soft fabric that she uses. When I see them, I can instantly imagine designing a room around them. I’m sure you have seen many of the fabulous “outfit to room” blog posts out there.  It’s always inspiring to see how fashion and interiors relate to each other.


Wash Chiffon Scarf | Top Image : Blogher |  Bottom Image: Decor Pad


Looking for a few good outfit to room inspirations? Here are my favorites from some of my favorite design and fashion bloggers.  Elements of Style | Sketch 42Pulp Designs |  Bryn Alexandra |  Lucite + Lavender | Fabulous K |Elements of Style

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Weekend Window {Fashion Sense}

Highlighting the work of talented artists and designers is something I have been focusing on recently and hope to continue to grow as time goes on. I love curating the shop’s collection with unique products that can’t be found many other places so, this weekend’s post is especially exciting for me!!  Darian Thomas is a Dallas fashion designer extraordinaire and totally ma’ girl! We hit it off right away when we first met and I’ve been a huge fan of her work ever since. You can imagine how thrilled I was to hear that she was planning to use select custom apparel silks from her previous apparel seasons for a new collection of stunning accent pillows. Fashion meets interiors… truly!! I am especially drawn to the vibrancy and energy that these fabrics bring to a room. The “paint stroke” trend is hot and I can totally see why!
These beauties were recently added to the shop, so grab them quick while they last. As with all artisan pieces, quantities are limited with each season!”


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Obsession: Peacock Light

I am a huge fan of The Rug Company and have used quite a few of their gorgeous rugs over the past year.  Now that I am in the process of changing up The Studio office…I can’t stop thinking about their Peacock rug from Matthew Williamson! It’s so fabulous it comes in light…and dark…swoon!


And since I am a big fan of TRC and follow their blog…my obsession kicked into overdrive when I spotted this custom Peacock Light stair runner! Seriously? Ahhhmazing and just gorgeous. Now who will let me create a custom stair runner for their home??


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Creating Art…From Paper Plates

I have been working on a few commissioned art pieces for a client’s new home for the past few weeks.  And when I began to develop the pieces for the guest bathroom, I just couldn’t pull the trigger on any of the top options.  While visiting the Chris Judy’s studio to finalize the pieces, I became obsessed with the paper plates he was using as palettes.  You typically see a wood, plastic or porcelain palette laying around an artist’s studio so you can see why these multiple stacks of paper plates caught my eye.



So we came up with the idea to select a few of the plates, have them photographed and made into fabulous pieces of art! Since the guest room has touches of red with a fabulous lacquered desk from Again & Again, custom pillows from Peacock Alley and stunning turquoise velvet bedding using a Bergamo Fabric from ID Collection.  Here is a sneak peak of the room……



Here is a look at a few of the plates we pulled.  Once we had our favorites pulled, we decided that they would look amazing printed on clear acrylic and mounted to the wall using standoffs.






And now…there are four fabulous pieces of art ready to be installed! They are being printed this week and I can not wait to show them off once they are up on the wall.  I love how something that was forgotten about and just sitting in a pile has become something unique.  From now on, I will keep an eye out for inspiration because you never know what will jump out at you.  I think the indentations from the plates keep the pieces interesting and bring a textural look to the smooth acrylic.




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A Little Expansion

I am in the process of designing a custom floor mirror for a small room in a client’s home. I love how a mirror can instantly open up a room and bounce around light when there are not many windows in the space.  I have a fabulous vanity that is being used on one side of the bed.  We decided to go with a vanity that would actually serve as a nightstand and a vanity. Since the room is so small, we don’t even have room for two night stands. I’m not happy about that, but when rooms give you lemons….you know…you pull out all of the tricks!   The mirror we are having framed will be a little bit wider than the vanity and slightly taller than the headboard.  Looks like I’m not the only one with this idea…her are a few of my favorite inspiration photos of floor mirrors used to expand small spaces.


Image Via: Decorpad


Image Via: Tish Key Design


Image Via: SoJo Design


Image Via: Denise Macey Design


Image Via: Greg Natale

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