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Archive for August, 2011

Nate B in Big D


Today is the big day for Dallas’ DWELL WITH DIGNITY!  The Nate Berkus show is devoting an entire hour the the fabulous non-profit, and I hear that has never been done before!  All of here in Dallas are so excited for everyone at DWD and I couldn’t think of a better way for Nate to spend an hour!  We have been hearing about the details for months now and today is finally the day that we all get to see how it went.  See more on their filming experience here in Dallas with Nate as well as more on the trip to NYC to visit Nate HERE.  If you local….August 31st on NBC at 2:00 pm.  (Dallas channel 5, KXAS).

Last year I had the pleasure of spending the weekend with the ladies from DWD on a very special project. Lisa & Kim have been making a difference in the Dallas area for about two years now and the organization continues to grow! Their impact on our community and the lives they touch is a beautiful thing to see first hand.  They can always use donations to keep this fabulous organization running.  Interested in helping out on the next home? See how you can make a difference HERE!

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Sam’s Summer Project

This past weekend I attended Sam Sano’s Summer Project showing at the ahhhhmazing studio of Dallas photographer Manny Rodriguez.  Here are a few of my favorites from his portfolio….I’m swooning over here.  Not only did he open his entire studio up for Sam’s art but he mixed up the yummiest mojitos in town!





I recently blogged about Sam’s Summer Project and am working with her to create a few pieces for a current client project.  These beauties are going fast but keep an eye on her site, or you can email her if you are interested in a custom piece for your home.  I love the styling at the gallery that Sam had displayed with her work. She is seriously one of the most talented stylist around so getting any opportunity to see her in action was delightful. The pieces are all original paintings and calligraphy
on archival watercolor paper signed, titled and dated on back. These two adorable little girls were taking pictures of the work and of each other…soo cute.







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The details

This week I had a photo shoot at a client’s with the fabulous Melanie Johonson. Melanie has been photographing my family and my design projects for over 3 years now and I am so lucky to have her!  I love working with her and am always fascinated with her creative eye and her ability to get some of the most gorgeous shots.  This latest project is finally coming to a close and I have loved every minute of it. My client has been a dream to work with and we have been on the same page from day one.  It is so rewarding when that happens!

Here are a few of the sneak peek shots from the day. I wanted the flowers to really pop and tie in all of the yellow accents without taking over. I reached out to Judy and Luther from Village Garden and Gallery here in Dallas to create the arrangements.  These two are beyond talented and I am currently working on three other indoor and outdoor projects with them.










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The Rockwell Spa

This week is turning into mirror week around The Studio! I first spotted this Rockwell Spa Crystal Mirror from APF Master Frame Makers at I.D. Collection here in Dallas. I think it may be THE perfect entry mirror for my latest bachelor pad project…sans crystals.  We popped by the showroom this week  so he could take a peek. I’m keeping my fingers crossed!!   Check out this one on 1st dibs.




Here is the piece on display at I.D. Collection, it is about a 4’x6′ so it is too big for my client’s entry, thank goodness for custom sizes!!

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Designer Mailbag

I love a good giveaway and this one is beyond fabulous! I am excited to be the first ever  monthly sponsor of Tobi Fairley’s Designer Mailbag. I knew that Tobi would knock it out of the park so the giveaway item needed to be extra special. Tobi selected Shop Ten 25’s Gold Nesting Tables to complete the look.  These nesting tables are classic, chic and sit perfectly next to any accent chair or sofa.


Image Via: Shop Ten 25


Here is the final look, I love the green and white accents too. Shop Ten 25’s Gold Nesting Tables are going to make the perfect finishing touch in the room. Pop on over to Tobi’s blog to read more about the first Designer Mailbag!


Image Via: Tobi Fairley

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Adonis Pauli

While visiting NYC in May I came across Adonis Pauli. They are  a London based company that creates the most unique mirrors and furniture pieces. Each piece is handmade and they give you the ability to create a custom piece to fit any room.   I have been considering one of their gorgeous pieces for a current project and wanted to share the line with you on the blog today.



Here are a few of my favorite pieces from the line. Now I just need to narrow it down to “the one”, it is not an easy task!











A New Look

As most of you know, I launched SHOP TEN 25 almost 2 years ago. It started out as a tiny e-commerce website designed with a simple template and I eventually expanded it into a “real” online shop with more features.

The Shop has been experiencing more growing pains this year so it is time to take things to the next level. I contacted Swoon The Studio again to create a fabulous design for the shop.  Since Swoon designed my Studio website and Blog, I knew they were the perfect fit for this upgrade.

Here is a look at the current Shop design, although I love it I feel it is time to update the look. Having a cohesive design and color palette between my three sites was my #1 priority when designing the new look.



Here is a sneak peek of what is to come! A crisp clean look loaded with style and tons of great new features. I won’t bore you with all of the technical details, but here is the cliff notes version.

The search options will be expanded by color and a new program to the trade (designers & decorators) will also be added!





You will see quite a bit more of my design work featured on the Shop.  I started the Shop as a resource for my design clients and I want to continue to do that. By including pieces from the Shop that I have used in projects, you will now be able to have a better understanding of scale and other details.


New category pages will be updated and easier to navigate!   Having better images of the products being used in real spaces is another change that I am going to be constantly updating. Since the Shop is a smaller business, I don’t have the budget to create gorgeous scenes using the products with a photo shoot.  Sometimes I have to rely on the images from the vendor, but the goal is to give you as much detail on each pieces as possible.



I hope you love it as much as we do! The programing is being completed by Successful Online Stores and  the new look will be up and running very soon.  I am excited about next few months around here, tons of fabulous holiday items are going up in September and the pillows….wow…I can’t wait to have the new additions up for fall!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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Seeing Red

I have been seeing a lot of red lately, but that is not a bad thing.  Almost two years ago I started a project out of state for a bachelor client of mine, and red is his favorite color.  I don’t despise the color, but I have found it very challenging to work with because it can be so aggressive and dominate a space in a hurry.   I’m a  excited to see that project in the final stages, we are actually photographing it in a few weeks!

The entry is one of my favorite parts of the house,  these 5’x7′ paintings from Dallas artist Chris Judy are show stoppers and bring in the perfect amount of red. Narrowing down my favorite spots in this home is a challenge because there are so many to choose from.  The main patio and pool are the first thing you see after entering the home and once you are outside looking in, the large art becomes the view.  The space is absolutely stunning at night too!




When my client filled me in on his plans to purchase a smaller condo in Dallas, I was elated!  This place would still have the masculine touches and pops of red that he loves, but it would be more on the modern side.  Since his home out of state is very traditional, he wanted to have a space out of town that was unique and felt like he was visiting a swanky hotel.

Construction started this week and we are in the thick of ordering draperies, custom furniture and unique lighting!  We are on the fast track for this one and hopefully every detail is in place by the October move in date.  The space will still be very masculine but with an overall  polished and sophisticated feel.  Here is the inspiration board for the space, it looks like the chain chandelier and cowhide wall covering are a go!

One of those weeks…

The word “busy” does not even begin to describe things around the Studio.  Just writing the “to-do” list this evening has been exhausting, but oh the things we are working on!!  Wishing you all a fabulous Monday!


Meet Anah…

Anah (pronounced Anna) is the lastest addition to Studio Ten 25 for summer and I think it’s about time I introduce her.  I first met Anah while she was working at a local showroom in the Dallas Decorative Center and we became fast friends.   It all began with a  few lunches, happy hours and lots of conversations about what she should so with her future as a designer.  When she made the decision to head back to school to obtain her design degree, the wheels began to turn.

After a few more  long talks over happy hour and Anah was registered for classes and on board to work with me this summer.  It’s going great so far and I think I’m going to be lost when she heads off to school..but I’ll still have her part time (fingers crossed). Having a small business that is expierencing major growing pains has been tough for me. But, making the decision to bring Anah on has been just what the Studio needed.

It’s a perfect fit so far. She deals with the girls (our dogs) putting her through a major sniff test every morning,  my in-ability to focus on one thing for more than a few minutes, and my love of having lunch out of the office everyday.  I asked Anah a few questions so that you can get to know her a little better…
When did you realize that Interior Design was the career for you?

My mom has always had a knack for interior design. I grew up going to antique stores with her and would complain the whole time. However, one day it clicked, and I realized how much I loved interiors. So sure enough, my mom’s passion rubbed off on me and I feel like I’ve been made to do this my whole life. Ultimately, I owe my mom for all the creativity and drive I have. I am always in awe of her creative eye!


Who are a few of your favorite designers?

One of my favorite interior designers is Jay Jeffers who owns Jeffers Design Group in San Francisco. I randomly met him while wine tasting in Tuscany with my mother, and I have been a huge fan of his ever since. I greatly admire his ability to mix things up in innovative, funky ways. Jay’s office space is a perfect example of his fabulous style. I had the pleasure of seeing it in person, and it is absolutely stunning!




Images Via: Jeffers Design Group



What product, furniture or type of design makes your heart race?

I am all about the “wow” factor. Whether it be a contemporary piece placed in a traditional setting, or a show stopping light fixture that knocks your socks off! I am drawn to both the eclectic and glamorous. Put simply, I love drama and funk!

Image Via: Here


Image Via: Here


Image Via: House and Home


What are your pet peeves when it comes to design?

It’s always the little things! A crooked lamp shade, a cushion that isn’t just right, a rug that doesn’t fit the space, the list goes on and on! I always seem to get worked up over the small things that most people don’t notice.


What is your all time favorite design magazine?

I grew up loving Architectural Digest. My mom collected copies and I would always look at them and fantasize about my dream house. However, now my favorite magazine is Elle Decor. I love how it always includes the latest trends and provides exceptional, eye-catching designs. I am constantly ripping out pages to add to my dream house file!


What worries you most about being a designer?

Not being a good one! Interior design has always been my passion and my dream. I have recently taken a leap of faith to go back to school and get my design degree but, I keep asking myself: what if I’m not cut out for this? I want to believe that I have what it takes to be a great designer, however, I can’t help but doubt my abilities. I hope the future will prove me wrong!


What have you learned/picked up from being around Studio Ten 25 the past few weeks? Tips, tricks or what not to-dos.

First of all, I could not have picked a better person to learn from. Abbe is a phenomenal designer, but more importantly, she is a good person. She has shown me how much this industry thrives off of relationships. I’ve learned that good relationships with clients and vendors can help create a design process that is more enjoyable, rewarding, and even easier! It’s also become clear that staying involved with other designers helps so much in terms of keeping ideas fresh and staying inspired. Lastly, from my time at Studio Ten 25, I think patience and respect are just as important as creativity in the designing world.


Interiors that inspire me:

Image Via: Jeffers Design Group


Image Via: Here


Image Via: Jeffers Design Group


Jay Jeffers designed this fabulous suite for the Elle Décor San Francisco Showhouse in 2010. It is absolutely gorgeous!  I love the soothing, neutral color palette with pops of teal.  Also, the way that the bathroom mosaic echoes the ottoman in the bedroom is genius! Everything about this suite is stunning!


Image Via: The Lennoxx


Image Via: The Lennoxx


Image Via: The Lennoxx

I have been lusting over this bedroom for a while. So dramatic and chic! I love the graphic floor and navy throughout with fun pops of pink. Notice how the ceiling of the bed was painted pink? Love it!


Image Via: Casa Sugar

I am obsessed with the geometric painted floors. They are so bold and bring a touch of modernity to this classical room.


Image Via:Here

This space is the ultimate show stopper! Not sure if I could live with it, but it is spectacular nonetheless! The space is very masculine, yet sexy and playful at the same time. I love how the bright pillows contrast with the dark gray walls.


Image Via:Here

I am especially drawn to the artwork and mirrored piece over the mantle. Overall, everything in this living room seems to mix well together. The candlesticks in the fireplace are fun!