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Archive for July, 2011

Swoon Worthy Summer

The Summer Project is the latest creative project from the oh so talented and fabulous Sam Sano of style/SWOON and Swoon The Studio. Sam and her business partner Kevin designed my blog, studio site and are in the process of creating the much needed facelift to the Shop!  When I found out that Sam was now creating original artwork I had to pop over the site and take a peek. Wow…Wow…Wow!

If you are in the market for unique artwork, you must stop by The Summer Project. I feel like today’s art resources are just blah and like most of you, turn to Etsy and local artist for unique pieces.  Sam’s pieces are watercolor & calligraphy with soft hues, simple textures and huge impact. Looking for that perfect piece to style your bookshelf or just need something for that blank space??? Sam’s your girl.   Not only is she an extremely talented graphic designer but Sam makes staging look like a walk in the park!  Here are a few of my favorite pieces.

All Images Via: Style Swoon





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Powder Bath {Before & After}

Stonington Grey paint from Benjamin Moore is one of my favorite colors. I love it so much that I painted my Studio and our hall powder bath in the color.  Lately I have  been obsessing over this David Hicks Hexagon walllpaper from Cole & Sons….well it has been an obsession for quite a long time.   I recently used scraps that I snagged on Ebay for a client’s nightstands…see those detailsHERE.  So I thought it was time to rock out the powder bath and create a fabulous place for our guests to powder their nose. I did this in 4 hours this weekend, once I removed all of the switch plates and cut around the moldings things began to pick up. I think I could be a wallpaper installer, I love the distraction from reality and the overall impact a wallpaper can make!




BEFORE: Just…well….blah. My husband uses this small bathroom because there is only one sink in our master bathroom. Hey, I’m an only child so sharing is tough for me…and it’s a great thing for our marriage.  It’s not the best looking room but it is highly visible, super tiny and needed a change.






AFTER: Complete glamor and a fantastic 180!  I love love love it!! My husband just keeps saying “wow, it’s really…well, it’s nice”.  I love how a bold print can transform a stale room to something so lovely!  Now, I just need to bring in a stunning pendant light over the mirror!  I don’t think the room will look so bad with dirty cloths on the floor now!





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Porada’s Infinity

I was on a shopping trip with a client this week and spotted this fabulous Infinity coffee table from Porada.  I was drawn to the combination of steel, wood (walnut) and glass. The chrome accents,  sleek wood  and simple glass top are perfect for my client’s new space.  The carved wood base is available in a coffee table and dining table…the wheels are turning!











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Design Trends….New Rugs

When I noticed that Mottega’s Blog mentioned Shop Ten 25’s Rhodes Rug in their latest blog post I was a very happy girl! I am a big fan of Mottega’s Lamps and their design your own lamp program so being mentioned on the blog makes my day!   I love them so much I even blogged about my own design HERE. We are in the process of adding TONS of new indoor and outdoor rugs to the Shop and will have them available for your viewing pleasure this weekend!

Here is the yummy beachy blog post and a sneak peek  of the new rugs we are adding this weekend!








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The Finial Touch


I have been an admirer of Hillary Thomas’s Chic Shop for a while now….especially the Rock n’ Rolla Finials that she carries! I have my eye on the “kiss the sky” finial for a current project, I’m in love with the warm teal undertones.  Finding fabulous finials can be a big challenge, especially when you are trying to use small details that make a huge impact.



Image Via: Coco Cozy


Image Via: The Glam Lamb



Image Via: Hillary Thomas

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I like to take my weekends to spend time with my hubby, the girls and catch up with my girlfriends so I missed sharing my guest post from Tobi Fairley’s Blog yesterday.  Tobi is doing a series full of fabulous guest bloggers called “All-American” and I am very flattered that she asked me to be a part of it.

I decided to talk about my top 5 Made in the USA products so had over to Tobi’s Blog to see who made my list!




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Before & After Bookshelf

I love a good before & after and this one was an absolute blast!  My fabulous friend Melanie asked me to help spiff up her family room and I couldn’t wait to get started.  Not only is Melanie a great friend, she photographs all of my interiors, my head shots and even my family. I am always inspired by her extreme amount of creativity and use of color. But, what really surprised me the first time I visited her home…all of the black and white.  She had quite a few colorful pieces but just didn’t know what she wanted to do with them. Over the past year, we have made small changes to her home but this week we rocked it out!

The best way to bring color and pattern to a space is through accessories like pillows and personal knick knacks. But, the bookshelves in her room were screaming to be loved.

BEFORE: Even though the shelves were full of pieces, the entire bookshelf area just got lost in the room.  Melanie has quite a few pieces that are just gorgeous but they were not being showcased.


AFTER: The black and white fabric is 100% Melanie and now that we have arranged her favorite pieces, the shelves stand out and frame the fireplace perfectly.  We used Windsor Smith’s Riad fabric from Kravet….you may recognize it from HERE , HERE & HERE too.


Now let’s get down to the “how-to” part of the post. This was SUPER EASY and any diy-er can complete something like this in an afternoon.

-FIRST, you must measure the width and height of each opening. This is very important because as you know, builders are not always exact or detailed when building out shelving!  We learned this when we tried to install the second bookshelf. So…after one two hour trip to Home Depot and a quick snack we were back on track

– Head to your local Home Depot or Lowes, select the backer you need and have them cut it about 1/4″ – 1/2″ smaller on each side to allow for the fabric thickness once wrapped.  We used an 1/8″ masonite board and it was about $10 for each board.  The 1/8″ was also perfect because we were limited to a 1/2″ space between the back wall and the back of the shelves.




-Lay the fabric upside down on a smooth clean surface and make sure you have plenty of room to move around the piece.


-An electrical staple gun…with a saftey…is KEY to getting this completed.  Electrical staple guns are fast and save you from days of hand cramps. Just make sure to keep the safety on when your not using it and unplug it to re-load. We don’t need any flying staples shooting through the room!

Since this fabric was thin, I had to fold it over two times, the smallest staple I could find was 1/4″ and I didn’t want those babies going through my wood floor!




We didn’t actually attach the fabric board to the back of the bookshelves.  Once we placed the shelves, the fit was snug and kept the backer from moving around. Lazy? I like to say that it was genius on our part! We can easily remove the piece and recover it when Melanie is ready for a change!



This tray belonged to Melanie’s Grandmother and I fell in love with it…I’ve got dibs if her little girl Harper doesn’t want it!  Displaying photographs in fun frames and adding simple pops of color like this bowl really got things going on this side of the room.  Framing her children’s artwork was the next addition. They bring in tons of color and the kids can be proud to see their pieces displayed in the room!



The left side houses the television and needed to have access to the power and cable outlets. I just measured the location of the outlets on the board and cut out one large piece to expose them. I cut the fabric and wrapped it on the back, stapled it and it looks great.




Framed artwork from her husband’s collection, wine corks in a simple vase and antique books from Melanie’s family create a collected look. I love the look of the old sign layered with the modern prints and more art from the kids.  She has great books so I wanted to make sure they were on display too.


Here are a few more of the AFTER  images of the room. What do you think?  Do you love the pattern as much as we do? Now if I could only get her to photograph her own space!! My Iphone pics don’t do the room justice. THANK YOU Melanie for letting me take over you living room this week!

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Through The Trees

While working on a few projects yesterday, I spotted a fabulous tree stump table so I began to dig up more images. I love the feel they bring to a room and can instantly cozy up a space. Natural, metallic or painted tree stump accent tables have become a steady trend in the design world…and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.


Image Via: The Art Of Doing Stuff



Image Via: Martha Stewart



Image Via: Design Sponge



Image Via: Thrifty & Chic


Image Via: Tip Junkie


Image Via: Oh, Hello Friends



Here are a few of my favorite pieces…..

Image Via: Home Decorators



Image Via: Napa Style


Image Via: West Elm


Why I Love Old Hickory Tannery

I have been a fan of Old Hickory Tannery for years now and have even used their pieces in some of my design projects.  My favorite thing about OHT, they make their stunning pieces right here in America. Their craftsmen use time honored techniques and cutting edge design to offer outstanding cowhide and leather sofas, chairs, barstools and an array of specialty items. Each piece is created with attention to detail and superior workmanship.

OHT is known for their western style furniture  with the finest quality leather, but their pieces can have a chic side. .  Although most of the pieces are typically available through the trade only,  you can snag your very own chic versions of OHT at Horchow and Neiman Marcus. Rich jewel tone leathers, lush velvets and gorgeous nailhead details are a few of the ways these vendors bring a chic feel to a classic style.


Image Via: Horchow


Image Via: Hickory Park



Image Via: Old Hickory Tannery



Image Via: Neiman Marcus



Image Via: Beige is Dead



Image Via: Exotic Excess


Image Via: Horchow


Image Via: Hub Pages



Image Via: Old Hickory Tannery



Image Via: Neiman Marcus

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Pretty Packaging

I am off to Louisiana to install a hand full of fabulous rugs from The Rug Company and I can not wait to see how they look in the house.  The guys are bringing the rugs out with a few of our back up options so that we can select the perfect rug for each space.  You can see a little more detail of my shopping trip to The Rug Company’s Dallas showroom where I was able to narrow down my favorites HERE.  I promise to share details and a few sneak peeks once we have made the final decisions!

Here are a few of the rugs being “packed up” for the road trip to Louisiana. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the bags they used to wrap up the rugs. The Rug Company logo is in a bright teal and orange and have cinch ties at each end….it’s all about the little details isn’t it?