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Archive for May, 2011

My Hex Obsession

I have been working on a few projects where the hexagon pattern keeps popping up as part of the overall design. I love the classic shape and seeing it all over the design industry these days makes me so happy. Here are a few of my favorite hexagon images from my “favorites” file.  Rugs, windows, wallpaper and fabrics are all available in the hexagon pattern so finding a version that you love should be easy to do.



Image Via: Flicker


Image Via: Rugs of the World



Image Via: The Lennoxx



Image Via: Design Studio


Image Via: Vintage Fusion



Image Via: Home Design Interiors


Image Via: Studium



Image Via: Studio Ten 25 Blog



Image Via: Elements of Style


Image Via: Chicago Home

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Red, White & Blue

Wishing you all a very safe and happy Memorial Day weekend. We are off to visit friends and enjoy the sunshine.  A little red white and blue inspiration for the holiday weekend felt appropriate today so enjoy the view!



Image via: Decor Pad




Image via: Meredith Heron


Image via: Decor Pad



Image via: The decorologist

Blogfest Wrap-up

Day three and the last day of Kravet’s Blogfest 2011.  I’m feeling it and by now I am learning to call a cab with more confidence, use the subway (THANK YOU HOP STOP) and I’m ready to take on the last day of Blogfest. This was my favorite day of the three…but meeting Barbara Barry was actually the best moment!



We were able to visit Kravet & Lee Jofa’s design studio and it was ahhhhmazing. The walls were lined with the latest fabrics and stopping by each area of the studio to see how the world of Kravet/Lee Jofa worked was beyond informative.  With at least 18 months as the standard time frame to develop and launch new products, there were tons of sneak peeks around the studio. Sorry, no pics because everything has to be kept under wraps for now.   Color design, pattern development, designer collaborations, new rugs, showroom design and  sampling were just a few of the everyday events that we were able to get a closer look at.







My favorite part of the tour was being able to see the latest introductions from Kelly Wearstler. Tons of updates to her current best sellers and a few new additions too!






We capped off the day and the week with a Sweet Endings party at 1st dibs showroom located in the NYC Design Center after touring a few of our favorite showrooms!





I loved the view of this rooftop garden from the 1st dibs showroom too, very New York!



Sweet Treats at the 1st dibs party!!!


Beth Dotolo, Leslie Carothers & Me


Bryn Dunn, Beth Dotolo, Me & Traci Zeller


And finally, the special guest of the evening Thom Filicia started making the rounds. I was so excited to meet him after being a fan of his for so long.  What a chatter he is, such a pleasure to meet him in person!  THANK YOU BLOGFEST 2011!



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Blogfest Day 2 NYC

Day two at Blogfest 2011 started with a trip to the Javits Center for the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF).  It was a quick run through but with more than 25,000 interior designers, architects, retailers, designers & manufacturers its product overload.  The floor was full of contemporary furniture, seating, carpet and flooring, lighting, outdoor furniture, materials, wall coverings, accessories, textiles, and kitchen and bath for residential and commercial interiors.  I snapped a few shots of my top three booths and am still going through all of the literature I picked up from the show.


Tracy Glover Studio:  The glassblowing process has always fascinated me and I was instantly smitten with Tracy’s booth.  Table lamps, floor lamps, chandeliers and decorative accessories make this line one of my favorites by far! Images Via: Tracy Glover & Studio Ten 25





Tucker Robbins:  I was instantly drawn to the colorful headdresses in the booth but once I began to take a better look at the details of  each piece, this line became one of my favorites at the show.  Each piece is handmade and the options of unique hardwoods are absolutely gorgeous.  Images Via: Tucker Robbins & Studio Ten 25




Emerald Faerie: Wow…there really are no words.  Fiona’s stunning line of unique lighting using steel, copper wire, brass chains and antique cutlery were displayed in front of a simple black background and glistened so beautifully.  Images Via: Emerald Faerie & Studio Ten 25






After a quick trip through the ICFF, we headed off to meet Designer Barbara Barry for the introduction of her new line from Kravet called Indochine.  She shared several personal snapshots from her trip to Asia and discussed how the small details inspired the Indochine line.  She also introduced the addition of her Citrine blend tea!   She was so gracious and took the time to meet everyone. When I made it to the front of the line, I gave her a sneak peek of one of my current projects using her fabric! I think she liked it because she gave me a high five!  Images Via: Pretty Pink Tulips & Studio Ten 25






After meeting Barbara Barry everyone headed out to Long Island City where Traditional Home presented the Lee Jofa Heritage Collection at Mayo Studios.  We were handed Inspired Styles, a fabulous book featuring the work and inspirations of designers who are collaborating with Kravet and Lee Jofa’s fabric lines.  Six of the designers were on hand to sign the book and each of them had a full scale set designed using the fabrics!

Eric Cohler, Diamond Baratta, Suzanne Rheinstein, David Easton, Suzanne Kasler & Thomas  O’Brien were all available to sign our books and chit chat about their upcoming launches.  I was super excited to meet Thomas O’Brien, he even discussed the latest additions to his Target line that will launch soon!

Stay tuned, tomorrow I will cover the last day at Blogfest2011. Our visit to Kravet & Lee Jofa’s design studio and the New York Design Center were full of sneak peeks and our Sweet Endings Party with Thom Filicia!





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New York New York

As most of you know I was in New York City last week for Kravet’s BlogFest2011.  The weather in the city was a bit chilly and rainy but the locations and events that Kravet had set up were spectacular.  I spent most of the week going from event to event with Beth Dotolo from Pulp Designs here in Dallas, you may also know Beth from her other blog Hello Splendor!  She was my taxi, subway and coffee buddy! Meeting all of the other bloggers from around the country and Canada was more than I expected and it was wonderful to finally meet a few of my favorites in person.



Beth & Me


Me, Sue (The Zush),  Carolyn (The Buzz) & Beth (Pulp & Hello Splendor)


Kravet knocked our socks off for three design filled days!  All of the major design magazines ( House Beautiful, Veranda, Town & Country, Traditional Home, Architectural Digest and New York Spaces) took the time to discuss their vision for the future of shelter magazines as well as the impact that bloggers have had on information getting out into the design world.  The magazines hosted breakfasts, lunches, champagne receptions and the swag bags were beyond fabulous.


Me, Beth (Pulp & Hello Splendor) and Elizabeth (Pretty pink tulips)



Day one was full of introductions, insightful information from the magazine editors and a soon to be announced sneak peak from the team at House Beautiful!!!  I promise to share the details on the blog as soon as the news is official.  You are going to LOVE it and if you are a designer or just a  lover of design, it will change the way you look at color!


The Ace Hotel in was the host hotel and I loved the “hipster” vibe from the bumpin’ lobby to the loft style rooms. This was my room…no really this was the exact room I stayed in!


The lobby was always packed and Beth and I had a change to grab a quick bite at the Breslin restaurant that was attached to the hotel.


Thank God for the Sumptown Coffee Shop that was attached, it helped me shake off the cold cloudy mornings and the foam always had a sweet design!


Tomorrow I’ll be talking about the ICFF, Kravet’s Design Studio and Meeting some of the industries best designers!


Cozy Chic Throws

I’m back in Dallas and trying to get caught up on the piles of work that built up while I was in NYC for Kravet’s Blogfest 2011.  I had a great time meeting everyone and can’t wait to share the details on the blog later this week.    But today, there are fabulous new throws that have been added to Shop Ten 25!  The latest addition to the Christen Maxwell line is one of my absolute favorites!!

These 50″x 60″ throws are chic, soft and 100% made in the USA!   Tons of great color combinations are available but custom colors are available for a small charge and all items will ship within two weeks of your order date!  Let me know what you think, I’m getting my custom colors ready!





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{A La Mode}

Today Shelli from A la mode is guest blogging and this one is perfect for a fabulous Friday! From the moment she shared the images of her home office I knew she had to be part of  “a week of chic” on my blog!  The pops of turquoise, glamorous lighting and mix of modern and traditional are perfect.  Enjoy the tour of Shelli’s chic home office and stop by her blog to see more images of her gorgeous home to see why she has become one of my favorite blogs!


Hi ya’ll!  I’m super excited to be at studioten25 today!  My name is Shelli and I am a former medical device sales rep, turned stay at home mommy, to the cutest 15 month old hot mess you have ever seen.  I am new to the blogging world, and have had a ball delving in!

When it comes to interior design, I am drawn to an eclectic mix of traditional furnishings and clean lines.  I love pops of color but on a calm and serene base palette.  I want there to be history in my space mixed with new, fresh furnishings.  I want the details to speak about me and my family.

Please come meet me in my office!

While I may not be working in the corporate world, I knew I needed a space all to myself.  A place to have a glass of wine with a girlfriend, listen to music, pay bills, or let’s be honest…to blog!  I brought the chandelier with me from our bungalow in Atlanta, it was in our dining room there.  It reminds me of that home, and all the happy memories we made there….our daughter’s first home, if only for a few months.

Bookshelves can be overwhelming.  Especially if you are like me, and cringe at the thought of clutter or nic-nacs.  I found that grouping books together by color, and choosing a color ‘theme’ of sorts for my ceramics, helped to keep order in the chaos.  I like them to have a layered feel.  We need a place to put our degrees and my sales awards, but I certainly don’t want them as a focal point, so I placed them behind something colorful and pretty.

Seating for chit chats is a must for me.  When my favorite neighbor pops over for a glass of wine, we retreat to this room, shut the glass doors and vent about our husbands and motherhood discuss current events and important matters in the world.  The turquoise color pops continue here to ground the use of color in the space.

A simple white parsons desk and Eames inspired office chair are the perfect setting to gaze out the window or at my favorite blogs on my laptop. This is also where I monogram (another random hobby of mine).  The blue lamps are a repeating color theme in most rooms of my home.  This helps those of us who have design ADD and like to mix up our accessories often without breaking the bank.

The details in a space bring it all together. No room is complete without fresh flowers.
If only they magically appeared in my home weekly!

A place for your book and your glass of wine to rest.  A detail not to be missed.

For me, my favorite design books are a  big part of those details.
I love to flip through them for inspiration.

A very special thank you to Abbe for asking me to be a part of
Week of Chic!
All sources for this space can be found here
For more peeks into my home, please visit my home tour

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Timeless Chic {Shoebox Decor}

Today Typhanie from Shoebox Decor is guest blogging and I am so excited to have her. Typhanie’s blog is full of stunning images, impeccable style and great ideas for bring chic to any space.   Looking for easy ways to bring timeless chic to your space?  Your in luck…


There are certain elements in interior design that will never go out of style. The Houndstooth pattern, which has evolved with time but has remained as chic as a pink Chanel suit. The classic wingback chair, which was born in an era of simple elegance and charm. And finally we have the Parsons Desk, which I consider the little black dress of design. With these three elements anyone can create an interior that is timeless and chic. Here are some examples of my favorite applications of these three elements.



Scottish design has never looked more chic than it does within the classic checks of the Houndstooth pattern. I first fell in love with this print when I discovered Chanel at the tender age of seven while window shopping with my family. My love for the designer and the pattern has never wavered since that time. Whether it is printed on cotton or woven in wool, this design will forever enthrall not only interior designers, but those in the fashion world as well. I have never seen a pattern transition so effortlessly across both planes. Because of this it comes as no surprise that my favorite application of this print can be found in an etsy store created by Avril Loreti. Her colorfully chic adaptation of this classic pattern shows the evolution of Black and White into color.


Image from Decor Pad


2. The Wingback Chair

Created in the Queen Ann era of design, the wingback chair (then called the easie chair) will forever remain a staple in interior design. I consider this chair the friend you can always count on; whose scrolled winged arms provides cover from the elements and padded cushion seat make it the best place for hours of reading. Over the decades we have seen the wingback chair evolve in many different ways. From curved legs to straight legs, from tufted to non-tufted, and from winged to canopied (thank you Kelly Wearstler).  With all these different options to pick from I must say that the classic design with cabriole front legs will always be my favorite. When it comes to wingback chairs no one does it better than The New Traditionalist. Their Chair no. Twenty Nineis to die for.



Image from Casanova Darling


3. The Parsons Desk

The simple design of the Parsons table has been around since the early 1900’s but it is the adaptation of the Parsons Desk that really makes this modern design chic. Its rectangular top with four flush square legs is minimalist in design but big on style. There are many different designs of the Parsons Desk out there but I must say, West Elm has out done them all. Their array of choices fit any design scheme you are trying to create. There is a metal desk for the modern interior. A mirrored desk for all who love glam and sparkle. A mini desk for the small space fans like myself. Then last but not least, the classic Parsons Desk for the traditionalist at heart. Now do you see why I call it the little black dress of interior design?



And there you have it, my favorite incarnations of three timelessly chic elements of interior design…Happy Decorating Everyone!

All the best,
Typhanie Peterson


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Monogram Chic {The Glam Lamb}

I thought today would be a great opportunity to add an extra post to “the week of chic” series.  I am a fan and follower of The Glam Lamb blog and was really excited that Hallie wanted to be a part of the series too. She recently changed her blog address and design and it is fabulous, please go check it out. You’ll find everything from fashion, stylish thrifting and tons of design inspiration.

AND her Etsy Shop reflects her personal style with unique vintage pieces! I can’t wait to see what she adds as she builds the shop.

Thank you Hallie!!

Hello there Studio Ten 25 Readers! My name is Hallie,  and I am thrilled to be participating as a guest blogger for Abbe while she’s in NYC this week for the Kravet/Lee Jofa Blogfest.   I am such a huge fan of Abbe’s inspirational blog, and her eye-candy-full e-boutique; so this is a real treat!  I have a blog called the Glam Lamb, it’s all about fab decor finds and attainable luxuries.


When it comes to “Chic” the first thing that comes to mind is MONOGRAMMING.  I love anything with beautiful personalization.   It’s sophisticated, glam, and 100% chic.


Here are some of my favorite ways to personalize:




Abbe!  Thanks again for having me!!  And can’t wait to hear all about your NYC trip!




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Audrey Hepburn {Design Shuffle}


She has a Funny Face, and sometimes she enjoys a Roman Holiday or Breakfast at Tiffany’s.  She is Audrey Hepburn and, believe it or not, her films have inspired interior designers and decorators for decades. Take a look at these Audrey inspired interior design ideas.

Breakfast At Tiffany’s

In Breakfast At Tiffany’s, her character, Holly Golightly, has an eclectic and playful sense of style- both in how she dresses and how she decorates her home. A good word to describe her style would be, ëmÈlange,í as itís a mixture of things DIYíed into furniture or things sheís collected.

Motion Picture Love (via)


Clawfoot Bathtub Sofa

Hollyís clawfoot bathtub sofa is, perhaps, one of the most inspirational pieces from the movie. Here, as in the movie, the sofa is artfully decorated with casually thrown-about pillows and blankets.

Love the 214 (via)


Holly’s apartment is filled with the ephemera of someone who just won’t settle down. She keeps a pile of vintage trunks in the hallway and uses a separate trunk as an accent

LA Times Blog (via)


This look is easily duplicable and would look sophisticated anywhere you need an accent table. Here a couple of larger steam trunks are used as a nightstand.

Apartment Therapy (via)


Paris Apartment

In Charade, Hepburn’s character, Regina Lampert, spends most of the time running around the streets of Paris. Her apartment there is chic and understated with and beautifully decorated in soft shades of brown, blue and beige. On that note, floral, chintzy printed wallpaper, a mix of pattern, an understated color palette and an upholstered accent chair will help you get this look.

The Paris Apartment (via)

Here she as Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady. A white dress accented with black and white is the peak of chic.Pixdaus (via)

Ruby PR (via)

The black and white stripes of this hallway are reminiscent of her dress. Here, stripes are chic and unexpectedly modern. You can get the look with striped wallpaper or by painting black stripes on a white wall.




My Little Jedi (via)

This room was was tailored to shine with its yellow, black and white furniture and wall covering. The black and white framed picture of her on the side table adds a classic vintage touch to this chic retro design.

When asked what about how she felt about herself as an icon, she said, ìI never think of myself as an iconÖI just do my thing.î Consider that your motto when looking at Audrey-inspired interiors. Her looks are casual and effortless, but they always manage to be chic.

Lindsey is a writer for Design Shuffle, which is a social media site for interior designers with tons of excellent interior design ideasÖcheck out the latest at Design Shuffle!