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Archive for June, 2010

A few things to look forward to

I spent a day at the Dallas Market Center checking out all the new furniture and accessories that will soon hit the design industry. Fabulous new lighting, colorful accessories and of course…Christmas decorations! Pantone announced that Turquoise was the color of the year and Global Views was right on. Check out the front of their showroom. Muted natural woods with turquoise and pops of orange. I was wondering through the Codarus Showroom and found these Square Feathers pillows! Looks like yellow & gray are here to stay. Cyan Design’s showroom was stunning! Their new Jellyfish Chandeliers come in black/white and blue/white and are available in three sizes! I will definitely add these to the Shop! I loved the pop of fuchsia they added with these oversized chairs.

The Christmas decorations around the Market Center were full of glitz and glam! The Jim Marvin Collection Showroom is one of the most creative places to shop for everything Christmas. Here are a few of my favorite schemes.

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Room with a View

This Downtown Dallas loft was stark and cold the day I walked in. The concrete floors, walls and structural columns are typical of most downtown loft buildings so I knew what I was up against.  This master bedroom design brings in color, style and a softness that compliments the industrial feel of the space.  The view from the room looks out to various buildings in the downtown area and sits just above the buildings common patio area.

My biggest challenge for the space was to create a chic and swanky loft on a tight budget. I love working on projects like this & feeling challenged to create a room that looks like it cost a million bucks.  I think you will be surprised to see where we snagged a few of the pieces in the room

Custom Pillows and Upholstery on Bench from City Craft Dallas.  Yellow and white fabric from Heather Bailey. Black & White garden trellis fabric from Paula Prass.

The Black Lacquer bamboo mirrors were a vintage store find and so was the starburst mirror. They were pretty pitiful looking when we found them but the black lacquer really did a 180 on the over look!

Tufted Headboard from Nate Berkus on HSN!!! I KNOW RIGHT?? It’s beautiful.

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The sunny yellow lamps and chrome accent table, both  a TJ Maxx Homegoods find.

Rug: SHOP TEN 25 Pattern:Rome Color: Gold

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Cornice Board..funny name…fab design

I was inspired by this image with the black and white cornice board and drapes. When I started on this living room project, it was one of the first images that I put away in my “inspiration file” for the client.  Since we were moving forward with a black and white base for the room, this was the perfect way to pull the room together.

Image Source: Decor Pad

I was there for the installation of my client’s cornice board and drapes. Since their  three 9′ high windows are a focal point as you enter the room, I wanted to soften them and make them part of the room. Before they were stark, harsh and didn’t relate to the rest of the room. I wanted the room to relate to the beautiful view and not take away from it.


Now, the windows are still the main focal point of the room. The addition of the cornice board and drapes compliment them and now tie in with the rest of the room. The view is still visible, now it has become part of the room. We are getting very close to finishing the space! The final touches are on the way!

I looked into a few options for having the cornice board made. Since the wall was over 10′ wide, I decided to use my local drapery workroom to create everything to my exact dimensions.  I wanted the drapes to be stationary and soften the sides of the windows. We added matching roman shades in the windows so there is no need to have drapery that moves to cover the windows. Neat and tidy is the end result.

Here are a few detail shots of the installers placing the drapes up under the cornice board.  You can see where the drapery rod mounts have been attached.

Now they have the drape on a pre-cut curtain rod and they are attaching it to the mounting brackets.

Now that the drapes are attached to the cornice board, the installers are going to place the cornice board on the pre-mounted brackets and attach them.

Even though the cornice board and drapes are not bold in color or pattern, they make a big difference in this space. Now that the draperies are installed, it’s time to finalize the accessories and lighting!  Stay tuned, I will be posting more updates from this project. It’s going to be a chic yet comfortable home when we are finished!

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June Market – Home For the Holidays

I have been asked to participate in the Home for the Holidays, a 4,200 square foot seasonal exhibit in The Grand Pavilion at the Trade Mart featuring nine rooms fully furnished and completely decorated for Christmas. Eight designers were asked to participate in this year’s event and each of us have been paired with a Christmas showroom from the Dallas Market Center.

Here is a look at the invite designed by Kelly from FabulousK:

Here are a few sneak peek images of the dining room I am working on . Terry from The Jim Marvin Collection is extremely talented and we have had a great time decorating the room together. Melanie Johnson will be photographing the room and capturing all of the glamorous details. I will post the images from Melanie as soon as I have them in my hands.

I wanted to create a dining room that was chic and glamorous with a Vintage Hollywood feel. Black & white with pops of chartreuse green and metallics will be the color palette. The white leather banquette from P.A. Turner was the first piece I found for the room.

Me & Terry From The Jim Marvin Collection.

My sweet mother stopped by to help with the finishing touches.

A close up of the Octagonal Mirrors from Global Views and a peek of the Christmas Ornaments.

The tree has a long way to go. They will eventually end up with 4 times the ornaments and sparkle.

The new “Jellyfish” Chandelier from Cyan Designs! I LOVE this piece, it will be added to our store, Shop Ten 25!

These Chandeliers from Global Views are unbelieveable! A HUGE THANK YOU to all of the girls at the Market Center for your help putting these together.

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Happy Father's Day to my Dad

I have the best dad on earth…seriously!  He has put up with me for 34 years so I would say that makes him the best.  He has taught me many valuable lessons like:

*  “Think before you speak”   I’m still working on that one!

*  “You need to learn to change a flat”   That lesson has come in handy

*  “Take care of the things you have, I’ve worked hard to give them to you and someday you will work hard for them too”

You know he’s an awesome dad when the “Footloose” tape wears out from listening to it in the Thunderbird over and over again.  He let me have dance parties in the garage, Michael Jackson “Thriller” was a big favorite.  He took me on his “dates” , I’m sure I was the best “wing-man” ever!! So, I want to honor my father (and stop embarrassing him) by sharing a few of my favorite pictures of us and tell you a little about what makes him such a great dad.

We were always out doing fun things. Amusement parks, hikes and fishing are some of my favorite childhood memories with my dad. My parents divorced when I was very young so we had lots of Abbe / Dad time!

Fishing at my Grandparent’s place. I’m not sure how much help I was. I was a bit chatty…still am…so I’m sure I drove the fish away. It’s amazing we ever caught anything with me around.  I think dad tried to teach me how to bait a hook, but I wasn’t into worms or crickets then! It was the perfect job for dad.

This is one of my favorite pictures of me and my dad. We were laughing our booties off! I can’t tell you what we were laughing about but it had something to do with an old Seinfeld episode! Image: Annie X Photo

Of course every girl looks forward to the day her daddy can walk her down the isle. Dad looked so handsome in his Military Dress Blues! And of course my nephew Braden looked very handsome too! Image: Annie X Photography

My dad also taught me love of Country. I am so proud to have a father who has served our country, inspired others around him and continues to fight for our freedom everyday. Colonel Bill Stanton, THANK YOU for being the best dad in the whole wide world!

I LOVE YOU!!!  – Abbe


Be our guest

Have you ever wanted to set up that extra room in your home like a true guest room but really needed “office” space?  The age old problem of creating a multifunction room that isn’t cluttered or awkward can be solved easily. Knowing what you need the room to provide for you on a day to day basis is the most important thing.  Sticking with that will keep the room from becoming cluttered and someplace you don’t even want to spend time.

I wanted to share a room that has two purposes. A majority of the time, the room will be a place to work on paperwork or set up the laptop to catch up on emails.  Every now and then the room will serve as the guest room so we wanted the space to be comfortable. There is nothing worse than staying in a guest room where you, the guest feels like an after thought.

Fabulous Images from Melanie Johnson Photography

This room was long and narrow so using a standard bed for our guest would have chopped up the room and made for poor traffic flow.  Using a daybed is a great way to create a comfortable place to sleep and can even be used as a “sitting area” to read.  The white overlapping squares daybedfrom West Elm works perfect in the space and creates more of a hip and comfortable place to sleep or lounge.

We wanted to have storage space in the room but didn’t want it to take over and crowd the space.  These bookshelves bring in height needed to balance out the tall ceilings. Going with a white finish keeps the room cohesive and from feeling cramped.

The window provided a natural place to add a desk. The view of  the patio below and urban surrounds are soothing and become part of the room through the full height windows. Since the space has more of an industrial feel, the drapery sheers soften the room and frame the window. We did not want to bring in something that was heavy and dark.

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One Standard to Stunning Kitchen, Check

I recently spent the afternoon with Melanie Johnson photographing a client’s kitchen. A few months ago, I posted the before pictures and idea board for the project….see it here. The transformation in this kitchen is fabulous and I am so excited to share the “after” pictures of the room. I really love to show before and after pictures of my projects. I want you, my readers, inspired by the changes and creative ways my clients and I work together to create their dream space.

Let’s start with a few before and after photos shall we….

Before: The dark cabinets and countertops were not my client’s contemporary style.

After: A fresh coat of white paint on the cabinets completely brightened up the space while the addition of the stainless steel vent hood pushed this kitchen towards the contemporary side.

A 4×8 white matte subway tile (Dal-Tile) for the back splash was the finishing touch to the modern sleek feel our client’s were looking for.

Before & After: The center island was my favorite change! We removed the storage on one half to make way for a new seating area and then grounding the island by painting it black. Caesar Stone Quartz Pebble and Misty Carrera (on the island) were selected for the countertops. The sleek edge detail and soft gray of the Pebble really balance out all the white that we introduced into the room.

Porcelain tile, Plaza Nova in Black Shadow (Dal-Tile) replaced the existing neutral tile and will keep the large dining, kitchen , butler’s pantry and laundry room cohesive.

Before & After: The unique shape of this kitchen allows for everyone to move through it easily. The living room sits just outside of the kitchen by the sink area. This was the one place where adding a unique detail, like this commercial faucet made a huge difference. Now, the view from the living room is just as appealing.

The view from the living room:

Finally: The eat-in dining area had a built window seat that was not being used by my clients. We pulled the space together by adding a few decorative pillows that tie in with the wall color, pops of green and the original art work that my client created! My clients added simple white blinds and wispy white drapes to soften the window. The oversized drum shade pulls everything together and adds a soft light to this side of the room.

Before & After: The butler pantry was also updated! My client mostly uses the area as a desk but it can be easily cleared off and used as a serving area for entertaining.

See this before & after featured on DESIGN REFUGE!

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Clarke & Clarke's New Wallcoverings

I’m in love with Clarke & Clarke’s new wallcovering line.  Inspired by the catwalks, Couture is a collection of 9 original designs, creating over 60 stunning wallcovering options.  All are meticulously produced in the UK on a luxurious non-woven quality resulting in wallcoverings that are both practical and high performing in comparison to conventional wallcoverings.

Brand new and innovative techniques are used throughout, including flocks, printed surface textures, pearlescent highlighting and glass bead applications…which create drama and sophistication.

Clarke & Clarke’s “Lamps” / Available in 3 colors

“Lamps Flock” / Available in 4 colors

“Kasbah” / Available in 8 colors

“Bravo” Available in 8 Colors

Check out their plush new Fabrics “Astoria Velvets” too!!

I love that wallcoverings have made a comeback in this industry.  It looks as if we have shaken off the 1980’s image of oversized flowers, farm animals and vines!!  We all know that high style and high design don’t always come cheap, but there are always affordable options out there if you keep your eyes open. Because of the higher priced designer wall coverings, your seeing the accent wall trend. Don’t fret if you can’t see your self dropping half of your monthly  rent or mortgage payment to paper an entire room in your favorite pattern.  Less is and can be more when it comes to bold patterns and colors. It’s a great way to add a pop to the room and way more exciting than paint.

Image Source: Apartment Therapy

Here are a few projects from Studio Ten 25..hope to have final images soon!

Read about this master bedroom HERE

Find out how to hang wallpaper on your own HERE

I always gravitate to the higher end products for inspiration. I wanted to share the new Clarke & Clarke Coture wall covering collection with you. It’s stunning, fresh, modern, glamorus and affordable as an accent wall.  Try cutting a large piece, mounting it on foam core and framing it for instant art!

Image Source: Apartment Therapy

Image Source: Style Files

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I LOVE my design style

If you haven’t see it, Sproost has a fun way to find your design style.  Just look at a handful of images and tell them if you like, love or hate. They combine your choices and *Bam*, they show you furniture and accessories that fit your style.  With your results, they share detailed information on color pallets, space planning and materials to help you pull off your style.

My favorite part of the style results, the room creator. You can select furniture and accessories in your style and put them together on a finish board.  Here is an example of a “Hollywood Couture” finish board…notice the

Here are my results:

Image Source

Image Source

Hollywood Couture

“Welcome to Hollywood! What’s your dream?” That’s right, its time to roll out the red carpet and get ready for the sparkle of crystal and all things flashy that make up the Hollywood Couture style. Hollywood Couture style originated in high-end lifestyles that made up the years between the roaring 20’s and the swinging 40’s where it was important to bring a feeling of glamour to the home when the world outside may have lacked it. Nowadays it’s scratching a similar itch in the sense that it’s bringing a sense of opulence to a world that seems to have forgotten how much fun it can be! The great thing about the updated version of the style is how versatile it is. You can really take it in any direction and add almost any style into the mix, perhaps a contemporary leather sofa paired with lacquered Louis XIV chairs that have been upholstered in lush velvet. The key is that each item feels as rich and over-the-top as possible and yet everything still seems livable. It’s not a space that screams: “do not touch” – rather it almost dares you to experience its luxury.

Image Source

Image: Sunset


The material palette you are drawn to is wonderfully over-the-top. And you love the contrast between something as cold and sleek as glass or acrylic to something as lush as faux fur (emphasis on the faux here!). Striking textures are found throughout the rooms, from leather (and don’t forget the patent!) to silk to mohair and velvet to satin and silk. Each of these materials in another style could seem subtle or boring, but not in your home. And oh how you love mirrored furniture! The lighting is key for both its mood (think sexy!) and its sculptural beauty. You love chandeliers with glass crystals or high gloss lacquered finishes on table lamps.

Image: 44 Park Design

Space Planning

When it comes to arranging your rooms, think martini party. Rooms should encourage both lounging (I see a chaise in the corner, you with a martini glass and the lights turned low!) and socializing. Hollywood Couture wants people to come in, take a seat and spend the night chatting away. It should encourage conversation as much as it highlights the amazing pieces in the room.

Image: Desire to Inspire


Summer time in the Shop

I spent the weekend adding new lighting, accessories and furniture to Shop Ten 25!  My favorites are all here …take a  peak at the recent home page. The new “Casper” chair is a steal at $250 And take a look at all of the new Barbara Cosgrove pieces too, the lamps are to die for!!

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