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Archive for February, 2010

dogs on the furniture…love it!

I swore I was NOT going to allow our dogs to get on the furniture, but I slowly warmed up to the idea. I was organizing / cleaning out my iphoto pictures this weekend and found so many cute pics of our girls in chairs or on the sofa.  Though I would share a few pics of dogs on furniture.  I love to see  photo shoots in magazines with dogs in the  room or on the furniture.  Of course I have to show pics of Brittany Spaniels & German Shorthair Pointers…and my two precious girls!

Ivy Banks claiming one of our new living room chairs as hers!

And now for  our Brittany Spaniel Caddo Brown

And a few Brittany pics

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I'd like to kick my feet up here

I have been in the process of updating our 1950’s ranch home since we moved in a few years ago.  I have had the task of mixing my girly chic taste with my husband’s desire for a rustic ranch home…and it has been a fun challenge.  Although I love being married and have enjoyed mixing our design styles and taste in furniture, I still dream of a girly glam place to kick my feet up!

Here are a few of my favorite rooms

Frank Roop Bedroom

Ahhh PINK!!

Again with the pink, I love it!

Where can I get a rug like this? It’s stunning.

I’m a HUGE fan of mirrors and bling!

Miley’s closet is aaaa mazing! I wish!

Zoldan del Mar….I could have a few serious dinner parties here.

From coco & kelly


Sneak Peak….Shop Ten 25 Designer Pillows

I’m so excited to share a sneak peak on a few of the upcoming items for our new shop….Shop Ten 25!! We are in the process of creating our retail site and narrowing down our fabulous offering of seating, tables, mirrors, designer pillows and more.  We hope to bring you the modern and fresh pieces that you love as well as a few unique items that will be constantly changing in our shop! Look for Shop Ten 25 to launch in late April 2010.

Over the past few weekends I have spent most of my time gathering fabrics for our new designer pillow section at Shop Ten 25!  We want you to have a place where you can snag a pillow with fabric from Kelly WearstlerWindsor Smith! We are going to offer standard sizes as well as a custom size and fabric section that let’s you pick the pillow that works best for your space!

Here are a few of the fabrics that have made the short list. Don’t see your favorite? Send us an email or leave a comment with your favorites and we will do our best to add them to our offering. Most of the designer pillows are going to be in stock and offered in the following sizes: 18″ square, 20″ square, 22″ square and of course a few lumbar, bolster and round sizes. All pillows will be professionally sewn with surged seams, lining, matching invisible zippers, silk backs and knife edges.

Love Kelly Wearstler? We do too, a few of her Lee Jofa and Schumacher fabrics will be standard stock items! Yay!

Imperial Trellis will be available in at least two colors:

Image from: House and Home

The Emerald Cut Pattern will be available in three colors:

Image From: Style Court / Courtney Barnes’ Home

Image from Taylor Howes

Fern Tree, one of my favorites!

A few of the fabrics from Windsor Smith for Kravet:

Image from Decor Dallas‘ Blog

Image from Nest Egg‘s blog

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Something new to Dwell on

I’m a big fan of Dwell Studio and even have a few of their stunning pillows around our house. They carry modern bedding, home accents and the cutest baby bedding out there!

Take a look a their new products launching in April: Here are my favorites! Check out their site for more new products.

Looking for modern affordable baby bedding? Check out Dwell’s new line for Target in stores now!!! SOOO Cute….but I’m sticking with the puppies for now!

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I am in the process of updating a master bedroom and found these precious prints from Sugarboo Designs.  Any dog lover would be excited to have these hanging in their home! These precious pups are printed on wood with a vintage wood frame and come in two sizes. So enjoy the sneak peak, we hope to share images of the completed room soon!!!

I love these so much I may have to add them to our soon to open online shop! Look for Shop Ten 25 to open online sometime in March!!!

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What I did last night

It’s not as exciting as it sounds! Last night I finally did away with the creepy red wall in our dining room.  I’m talking murder movie, make you angry red and it had finally pushed me to the edge.  Here is the  BEFORE picture!

My husband is extremely thoughtful and makes tons of efforts to surprise me! I love him for that and his “biggest” surprise to me was a few months into the remodel of our 1950’s ranch. I was out of town for work one week and left my pile of potential paint chips sitting out. Now, to his credit I did have a red paint chip in them mix but not as an accent wall option. That red paint chip was a potential accent color that was NOT on the top of the color scheme list.

So, last night I decided that hanging wall paper was no big deal and I was going to give it a shot! I have had my eye on Cole & Son’s  “Woods” paper for a while now. As soon as I heard the rumble of the UPS truck on our street I knew exactly what he was going to bring to the door. As soon as my hubby was out the door for his weekend hunting trip, I got to work.

Here are a few pics of the installation. It was quite easy actually!  I did do a bit of research on wall paper hanging and although I didn’t do the most professional job, it looks great!  Take a look, I would love to hear what you think!

Step One: Well I skipped the real first step where you float the wall to reduce the wall texture and went straight for the adhesive! I also left the red wall. I did a test area first and the red did not show through so no need to prime…plus I was getting anxious and ready to start.  That was great news! More great news, the light bumpy texture on our walls did not show through the wall paper either. The paper is super thick and that was my saving grace here!

So, I created my own step one.  I applied the wallpaper adhesive (the strippable kind) from top to bottom and only went about 8″ wider than the strip of wallpaper.  The salesman at my local Benjamin Moore told me to take it one strip at a time and to make sure I put plenty of adhesive on the wall…but not so much that it would ooze out of the seams.

Step Two: Get with it and start hanging this fabulous pattern. Lining up the seams was super easy and matching the pattern was not too hard. It is however amazing how much waste is left at the end of each role due to the pattern repeat.  A super sharp exact-o knife is key to trimming the paper along the crown and base moldings.

Step Three:  Make sure you have a good rubber squegie, use it to smooth out the paper as you hang it and to work the seams together well. Now all I had to do was cut around the three outlets on the wall.

Almost done!!!! I was really excited and very proud of myself at this point.

With the furniture back in place, the room looks so much brighter and once everything else is in place this dining room will be swanky!

When my hubby came home I was shocked that it was the first thing he noticed. He loved it and told me it was the first thing in our house that felt like him. Yay!!  Here are a few pictures of the finished room!

See this and MORE DIY tutorial at The Lettered Cottage!

The Lettered Cottage

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I have an Imelda Marcos on my hands!!

If you don’t know who Imelda Marcos is I will try to forgive you!  The first lady of the Philipines may be called the Steel Butterfly and known for being an influential political figure in the Philippines, BUT to me she is known as a fabulous woman with a passion for fashion.  Well, shoes more importantly!

“I did not have three thousand pairs of shoes, I had one thousand and sixty.” — 1987

“They went into my closets looking for skeletons, but thank God, all they found were shoes, beautiful shoes,”

I happen to have an Imelda Marcos on my hands folks and the shoe storage continues to grow. We just added more storage for his growing collection this weekend, enough to display over 200 pair of shoes…..just on this new addition.  What kind of shoes? Well, this is the fun part. Over 1,000 pair of size 13 high tops and other trick sneakers! Jordans, Radii, Nike Dunks, Gucci, Louie V, HeyDay, Bapes, Shell Toes, Timbalands, Vans and Creative Recs….Whew! Check it out. I have my favorites picked out!

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Project Update – Home Office

My newlywed client’s home is starting to move forward and I wanted to share the progress. They are having the painters start this week, a few of the window treatments are up and the furniture and accessories are getting ordered. Hopefully a few of the new furniture pieces show up this week too.

Remember the home office finish board from a few post back? Well, the room is starting to come together and the roman shades are up! They look great and will really tie in with the Arabesque rug from Global Views…soon to deliver!! YAY. We selected a cotton blend fabric in ivory with a nice heavy texture and finished off the flap with a fun orange and ivory greek key pattern. Once the accent wall is in, the rug in place and all of the details finalized this room is going to be the perfect place for my client to work the day away!

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Snow Day Updates

I am finally shaking off the flu that has been kicking my booty and wanted to share some of the project updates around the Studio.  Last Thursday was AMAZING, Dallas received over 12″ of snow and it really was magical. Of course I felt like death on a stick and had completely lost my voice but did manage to take in the fabulous snow day. The snow was fluffy and didn’t stop all day! The girls (our dogs) had a blast playing WWF in the back yard and I did manage to tag them with snowballs!

Here are a few pics of the neighborhood and the girls playing in the snow.

Now, on to the productive part of my weekend. In my last post, I gave a shout out to City Craft here in Dallas. A few weeks ago I picked up a few yards of a fun fabric to use in my new office. I am having the studio photographed in a few weeks so I needed to shake a leg and finish the details. I have a built in book case area in the room and it really needed a pop of color.  I am a big fan of pink so I have really tried hard to keep the accent to a minimum…I tend to get carried away.

So, with a few inexpensive project boards from JoAnn Fabrics…$2.95 for two of them….a glue gun and my new awesome fabric scissors I got to work. Now, my dull bookshelves have a fun pop of color and have added another great layer to the room. Of course I couldn’t neglect the lampshade so I got to work on that too.  I am also excited about my new pearl white ceramic peacocks! They are my favorite addition and I feel like I got a steal of a deal. I found them at an antique mall here in Dallas, $35 for both!

Here are the results! I can’t wait to show you the final profession pics from Melanie Johnson in a few weeks!

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