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Archive for May, 2009

Grand Opening @ Barking Hound Village!

It’s officially official! Barking Hound Village opens June 1st and I am such a proud mama!  Once the first four legged guest steps “paw” into the new facility BHV will be off and running.  This has been such a fun project to work on & I know Lisa and Jeremy Jones are ready to settle in to their new digs!

I just had to share this fab reminder they sent out today…. (top) Brownie Jones, (bottom left) Chip Jones & (middle right) Caddo Fenimore

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Not Again!!! Another fab mag bites the dust!


It was bad enough that one of my favorite design mags  (Domino) went away to design magazine heaven leaving only a few other fab mags to inspire…Boo!  Now Western Interiors is going to leave us with one last issue  (April/May)and then *poof*, another one bites the dust and heads off to design  magazine heaven.  Looks like I will have to look forward to my new subscription to LUXE magazine now!

LUXE Magazine is a quarterly journal that showcases luxury residential architecture, design, interiors and products, with regional editions in Chicago, Colorado, Texas, Southern California and Seattle. The eye-catching coffee-table magazine serves as an idea book and resource of fine architectural design, interiors and trends. LUXE connects with affluent consumers who are seeking notable quality home design. The magazine presents readers with a variety of upper end residences, from distinguished estates and sprawling ranches to city townhouses and art-filled lofts.

Here is the info. straight from courtesy of Rebecca Sherman

In a surprising move, Sandow Media, which announced in March that it had purchased Western Interiors magazine, has shut it down.
Western Interiors’ April/May issue, which is being mailed out to subscribers now, will be its last. It had been publishing for seven years.
Sandow, which publishes Luxe magazine in about 12 regions including Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles and Arizona, will begin mailing Luxe to former Western Interiors subscribers instead.
A phone call to the Western Interiors offices today reached a recording that says, “Thank you for calling Sandow Media.”
Many employees of Los Angeles-based Western Interiors have been offered opportunities to stay on with Luxe, including editor-in-chief Michael Wollaeger, who has been asked to stay on as a consultant. It’s not known which employees elected to take the offers.
One Western Interiors employee who has been with the magazine two years on the publishing side and declined Sandow’s offer to stay on, and has agreed to talk about the changeover on this blog. She asked that her name not be used because she is looking for work.
“They shut the magazine down as soon as we were acquired by Sandow,” she said. “I was notified by my publisher, first by email that the purchase had happened, and then she talked with me in her office and told me they were closing us down. It was pretty shocking. Western Interiors is such a quality publication, I don’t know why Sandow wouldn’t want to continue it.”
She said that the magazine had been actively seeking an infusion of cash for months and speculated that Sandow saw this as a chance to eliminate a competing magazine, while also gaining control of its valuable subscriber list.
The shuttering of Western Interiors has been kept quiet.
While Sandow sent out a press release on March 18 announcing the purchase of Western Interiors and lauding the magazine as “a key component of (Luxe’s) continued expansion strategy,” it did not reveal that it had also shut the magazine down.
Subscribers will receive letters inside their final edition offering subscriptions to Luxe magazine instead, and explaining the new Luxe concept. “They are hoping to create a hybrid of Luxe and Western Interiors style editorial,” the former employee said. They are talking to Michael Wollaeger about being a consultant. The new magazine will have a national focus, but still distribute regionally as Luxe. But they will no longer have the city or regional names on them. They hope that Western Interiors subscribers will turn over to Luxe, because it’s a very strong, affluent subscriber base that is valuable.”
Western Interiors has a paid, verified subscriber base of 275,000, with a median income of $329,000 and an average net worth of $2.8 million, according to the March 18 press release. By contrast, Luxe is distributed via proprietary controlled circulation and is not audited.

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My new color assistant!

I just LOVE my iphone…most of the time!  I seriously need to step away from the apps, espically the ones that cost $ because those little suckers will add up!  Not only does my favorite crush Benjamin Moore have an app available ( launching June 1st), but the other man in my life…Sherwin Williams is in the iPhone App game too! Yippie, I can hardly wait to try these out and the best part is that they are FREE!


Launching on June 1, the new app from Benjamin Moore lets you “snap a picture of any color inspiration, anywhere in the world, and instantly match it to one of the more than 3,300 hues that comprise Benjamin Moore’s color system”. Favorites can be saved for “instant color coordination and comparison“.

Here’s a description of how it will work from the press release: Simply glide a finger across the digital photo taken with the iPhone’s built-in camera, zoom into a color, and tap the “match” key. In just seconds, a strip of colors will appear below the photo, with the closest paint match highlighted. A simple shake of the phone and ben will provide up to four coordinating colors, creating an entire harmonizing palette based on the original selection. Favorites can be saved and enlarged to the size of the iPhone screen for easier viewing. There’s access, as well, to the full spectrum color wheel, which expands or contracts by fingertip control to focus on a color preference. That, too, can be translated into a Benjamin Moore color and saved as a favorite for future reference.


Sherwin Williams App:  The overall idea is similar to the Ben Color Capture App – you choose a color from a photo and it will give you the closest paint match along with a coordinating palette – and this time, of course, it pulls from the Sherwin Williams line.

Here’s a full list of the features:

Choose a color and Sherwin-Williams will match it with one of its paint colors.

Receive more than a color match—you’ll get a coordinating palette that complements your chosen color.

Colors also include RGB values for architectural design pros and Photoshop fiends, making it easy to recreate the colors in renderings.

Using either iPhone GPS capability or zip code entry, find your local Sherwin-Williams store. You can direct dial or map its location all within the application.

  • Save colors to your “My Saved Colors” library for future reference.
  • Stay tuned for new and exciting features to come with the new 3.0 OS iPhone software release.
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    Check us out!


    Check us out on the TJ Max homegoods website! Thanks TJ MAXX!

    Lighting….To the Maxx

    I am always out and about searching for high style at a great price…aren’t we all these days!  I was at my local TJ Maxx homegoods store just snooping around and was blown away by their lamp section.  FABULOUS acrylic, chrome and metal  bases with stunning lines and the shades were actually good.  Of course my favorite…the mirrored darlings in all shapes in sizes!!  I couldn’t contain my excitement so I started snapping pics with my iPhone! So please excuse the furry and not so focused pics.

    Take a look at these beauties!! Fabulous black detail on the shades and the “chrome” base looks great for $49.99!  The lamps have a good feel to them and all of the parts are sturdy.  The best part, TJ Maxx already has light bulbs in them!! I always forget to buy light bulbs for the lighting in my projects!  High style at  $39.99, $49.99 and $59.99! You can’t go wrong with these prices and although some say “you get what you pay for”….I have to disagree here!!  They are the perfect touch to any room and the quality is just fine!

    IMG_0458 IMG_0456

    Let’s take this a bit further and show you how one of these stunners went from the TJ Maxx Homegood’s  shelf to my client’s bedside tables in his loft…..BEFORE: Sitting on the shelf just begging to be taken home


    AFTER: The perfect addition to this loft’s master bedroom!

    IMG_5465 IMG_5456


    Want to see more pics of the loft?  Check out our recent post: “Moving on up, Bachelor Style”

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    Movin on up…Bachelor Style

    table base

    One of my favorite pictures of the loft, you can see the entire living room through the chrome base of the side table.

    He’s Baaaacccckkkkk!!!  My favorite bachelor is movin on up….to a delux apartment in the sky…..only it’s in downtown Dallas instead of the East Side! Ahhh, the consummate bachelor, loves to entertain and his downtown loft should be the perfect place for that. The loft’s number one purpose is to serve as the perfect urban social location.  Since his primary residence leans more towards the sophisticated side of traditional this was his opportunity to have it all. And when it came to decorating this 1,500 square foot loft, he knew exactly what he wanted. He wanted a hip and modern feel with edgy yet comfortable pieces to lounge around on.  The bedrooms are minimal yet comfortable and provide a nice place to crash after a late night on the town. But the crowning glory of this loft is the high-tech toys, a pool table and arcade area and an in home recording studio that resides in the once master closet.

    Since it is typical of loft apartments to be bare and industrial in nature, I wanted to provide more texture, color and interest.  I combined a variety of different wood tones, bright fabrics and colorful accessories. The effect is warm and trendy, and it avoids the predictable and uninspired look of a matching suite of furniture.  By designing some custom details and evoking a feeling of the great urban surroundings, we softened this loft’s hard edges and created a space that has both good looks and the details for an urban social getaway.

    All I want to know is….Can you add me to the guest list at your next house party?

    Enjoy the pics from the FABULOUS Melanie Johnsonview




    grey chair

    shaggy ball

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    Barking Hound Village…It's gone to the dogs and that's a good thing!

    The new and improved Barking Hound Village is complete! The entrance has been polished up with stunning striped drapes, concrete pups greeting you at the entrance and a custom flag flying high! The suites are decked out and ready for their first guest to rest up between play groups. Lisa and Jeremy Jone’s dream of a Chic Boutique doggy daycare and boarding facility has finally come true. We showed you a sneak peek a few weeks ago and promised to share the completed space…well the wait is over!

    Just incase you missed the details on Barking Hound Village from our last they are again.
    A big thanks to our models! Chip, Brownie, Molly, Xavi and Caddo had a blast at the photo shoot. Once again, we have to thank Melanie @ Melanie Johnson Photography for her amazing pics!

    This is the fanciest doggy daycare and boarding facility in the Dallas area and your four legged friends will be in doggy heaven! With a chic boutique hotel ambiance, your pooch will think they have gone away for a resort vacation even if its just for the day. Think W Hotel for your four legged friend! We have managed to take an old dated 1980’s building once used as a steak house and turn it into the Owner’s vision for a modern doggy daycare. Lisa and Jeremy Jones are dedicated to providing the best experience for your four-legged friend! They have created a safe, and comfortable place for your dog to have a “home away from home”. The plan is that every puppy will have plenty of space to frolic around during their multiple play groups and then relax while taking a nap in one of BHV’s white picket fence kennels! check out their website

    Here are a few of the fabulous amenities (along with pictures) that Barking Hound Village offers:

    HUGE private “penthouse” suites with T.V., twin bed and plenty of room to stretch out.

    Spacious individual suites made to look like white picket fences…soooo cute!

    Large outdoor play areas with plenty of shade and room to frolic with friends

    Huge indoor playroom with ramps and slides that provide hours of entertainment for the most active dog. No matter what mother nature dishes out, there is always a place to play!

    -Large “bath” area to clean up even the most stinky or scruffy pup.

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