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Memorial Day

Today we pause to remember all those who made the ultimate sacrifice for this nation, the fallen warriors who never came home to their families and friends. Liberty is a precious gift whose benefits we all enjoy every day, but too often we give little thought to the price paid for it. Memorial Day is the one day each year on which we reflect on the tremendous sacrifices made by our fellow countrymen.

U.S. Airforce



Motherly Love {Gift Guide}

Mother’s Day is around the corner and I have three lovely mothers to shop for each year. Each of them have their own unique style so finding a great gift that is not only thoughtful, but useful can be challenging. I love sending them cards & flowers, but fun gift always lets them know how loved they are by all of us!

Here are a few of my favorite gifts that are sure to make my favorite ladies smile this Mother’s Day! Being a designer makes it easy to find something pretty to sit around the house, but sometimes a girl just needs a funky necklace or something chic to sip her wine from!



Mother's Day Gifts



Missoni Maremma Candle  Turquoise Necklace  Cozy Texture Throw  Best Mom Ever  I Owe My Mother Dish  Illume Laurel Candle

Double Old Fashioned Glasses  Morning Bouquet Tray  Lacquer Agate Box




A Little Get Away

Flipping through last week’s vacay pics and I’m still swooning over this pink flamingo wallpaper. The ladies room at @qualitymeatsmb Miami was beyond fabulous and makes powdering your nose fun! Brunch and the BEST people watching before we hop on a plane back to BigD.

#artdeco #yestoyellow#bootyimplantseverywhere





Weekend Shopping

Doing a little Saturday shopping for and design scheming for our new home and the major remodel we are about to tackle! A few of these gorgeous pieces from our online boutique Shop Ten 25 will be making their way into the final look! Can’t wait to start sharing the process and progress!




Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 5.56.29 PM

We Love A Good Quiz…

My Domain is helping you find the perfect hue for your bedroom with this swanky little quiz.

I’m not sure about my results…BLACK…but now I’m feeling like I need to branch out. What color did you get?



“Talk about sophisticated! A black bedroom oozes sex appeal, while still feeling refined and chic. Black is the perfect color for anyone with a bold glamorous side, and it works best as a background for shimmering metallic accents and luxurious fabrics. If you like the idea, but are wary of the commitment, consider hanging large pieces of art to break up the solid dark plains.”


black paint



Merry Christmas

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! This past year has been wonderful and there are so many people and opportunities to be thankful for. As we plan for the New Year, we are excited to share all of the wonderful projects we have in the works for 2016!

front card



Its So Hard To Say Goodbye

We are moving at the end of the month and I am having to say goodbye to a few pieces. Our current home has a lovely sitting room and the custom croc velvet patterned sofa has been one of my favorites since the day it came home. Unfortunately our new home does not have a sitting room, and it is now time to say goodbye!



Photo Dec 02, 9 42 16 AM

Fabulous Fabrics {From Minted}

Did you know that Minted now has a huge collection of Home Decor including fabric, pillows and draperies? I love that they have now expanded their independent artist prints into the home collection too, it give you the opportunity to find pieces that are unique and have a story to them.

Of course I found a print that I loved and since Fall is here, I thought it was the perfect time to change out our duvet cover for the season. I wanted something bold in pattern, but I wanted to color palette to work with the soft blues and greens in the room.  I fell in love with Painterly Splash from Alethea and Ruth’s Store  because of the soft watercolor pattern and deep teal accents. I love the way it helps our master bedroom feel a bit more fun and colorful too.














Truth This Friday

One of my fur babies is having ALC surgery today. She hasn’t been able to walk on her back right leg for a while now, so it is time to pull the trigger and get this sweet girl back on all four of her precious furry feet. As I was driving away from the surgical center today, I received this awesome text from one of my besties…


Don’t judge. And, yes this would be awesome if I could check in on my sweet Ivy Banks to make sure she is doing ok. Like I always say or hashtag #nokidsjustdogs. For the next 10-12 weeks, we will be connected at the hip pretty much. She will not be able to run, jump or play WWF with her sister until her bone heals from the plate and six screws.

Photo Oct 05, 7 39 13 PM


Photo Oct 01, 9 31 20 AM


Photo Sep 02, 8 52 06 AM

Vegas Baby

Making time to get away and enjoy a short vacation with my family has been on my “to-do” list for a while.  Since my Dad passed away, we haven’t taken the time to get away and really enjoy having fun with each other again. My Step-Mother decided that we needed a girl’s weekend in Las Vegas, so we packed our bags and took off for a long weekend to reconnect and relax. Shopping, spa days and taking in a few shows took up most of our time during the long weekend. We laughed, cried and spent a bit too much money!!!

Of course I love popping into all of the casinos to see the interiors, so I wanted to show off a few of my favorite pictures from the trip. You know I had to get a few glitzy glam chandeliers too! Vegas does it big and I love nothing more than a room filled with shimmery chandeliers!!!


Photo Jun 12, 8 00 24 PM



Photo Jun 12, 6 21 51 PM



Photo Jun 13, 4 22 55 PM



Photo Jun 13, 3 36 39 PM



Photo Jun 13, 3 33 34 PM



Photo Jun 14, 9 40 24 PM



Photo Jun 14, 8 25 23 PM



Photo Jun 14, 10 48 06 PM



Photo Jun 14, 5 48 46 PM



Photo Jun 14, 6 34 52 PM



Photo Jun 12, 8 02 08 PM



Photo Jun 12, 6 01 01 PM



Photo Jun 13, 3 35 32 AM